5 Reasons You Need a DWI Lawyer in Austin, TX

Did you know you can spend up to 2 years in jail for driving while intoxicated in Texas? Imagine what will happen to your career or business, and the emotional torture your absence will bring upon your family.

5 Reasons You Need a DWI Lawyer in Austin, TXDWI penalties in Texas range from cash fines and license suspension to jail term, depending on the number of offenses.

Yet, for whatever strange reason, you’ll find yourself driving after having a couple of drinks. You might have gotten away with it in the past, but now your day has come. A law enforcement officer pulls you over, conducts a BAC (blood alcohol content) or field sobriety test, and arrests you for DWI.

What do you do next?

Here are 5 reasons you need to call a DWI lawyer.

1. You Probably Don’t Understand DWI Law

When facing a DWI charge, your understanding of the relevant state laws can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

But do you know these laws?

Unless you’re a DWI lawyer yourself, it’s highly likely you don’t. And as such, you won’t be able to effectively fight the charge or represent yourself in court.

2. Hiring a DWI Lawyer Will Save You Money

The top reason people facing DWI charges choose to go it alone is they think hiring a lawyer is an unnecessary expense.

Sure, any DWI lawyer worth his salt will come at a price, but you’ll likely end up spending more if you don’t hire one. You could, for instance, end up paying more fines than necessary. Also, you’ll accumulate points on your driving license, which will essentially drive up your insurance premiums.

3. Lawyers Know Their Way Around the Legal System

If you’re a first-time offender (Class B Misdemeanor under Texas laws), you could opt to face the penalty, especially if it’s a fine you can easily pay up.

In other cases, though, the stakes could be higher. You could be facing jail.

Hiring an experienced DWI lawyer who knows his way around the legal system can help you get off serious charges, because the lawyer knows when to bend and cut a deal or when to aggressively fight the charge in court.

4. Obtain Relevant Documents Easily

When arrested for DWI, law enforcement prosecutors will work overtime to build a solid case against you, because they have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you’re guilty.

To win your case or emerge with a lenient outcome, you need to know what the prosecutors have against you, so that you build a solid defense. If you don’t hire a lawyer, this task will be hardly possible. You won’t be able to access the relevant case documents.

But a seasoned DWI lawyer knows how to retrieve these documents, study them and prepare a solid response.

5. The Other Side Has a Lawyer

Let’s say you were involved in a DWI-related accident that led to the injury of a pedestrian. This victim is now suing you for compensation, and they have a personal injury lawyer on their team.

Do you want to be the only one without legal representation?

Hiring a DWI lawyer will you the best chances of coming out of the lawsuit with a lower settlement agreement. These lawyers are usually skilled negotiators.

Hiring a DWI Lawyer Is a Smart Move

Even though it’s irresponsible to drink while intoxicated, sometimes a few drinks can be enough to get you arrested.

If you’re an Austin, Texas and facing a DWI charge, hiring a DWI lawyer to represent you is the wisest move you can make. The good news is you don’t have to put effort into finding a good lawyer. Just contact us at James Fletcher Law and leave the hard work to us.

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