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How to Challenge Field Sobriety Test Results in Collin County

Many people do not realize that law enforcement officers generally conduct field sobriety tests for the sole purpose of establishing probable cause to make a DWI arrest. Field sobriety tests are subjective tests which do not effectively gauge whether an individual is impaired by drugs or alcohol. For example, you could be extremely tired after a long day at work, and thus unable to keep your balance or adequately follow the officer's instructions. An officer who did not realize that fact could mistake your behavior for that of an alcohol-impaired driver.

There are also many instances in which the arresting officer may not have been sufficiently trained and therefore does not know how to properly administer the tests to increase the chances of accurate results. If you are arrested for a suspected DWI based on failed field sobriety tests, you could be facing serious penalties including imprisonment and fines. We do not believe you should be punished based on unsubstantiated evidence or errors made in testing, the initial police stop, or in the arrest process. Our firm will thoroughly investigate the circumstances leading up to your arrest so as to uncover any violations of your legal rights. We will then use this information to aggressively challenge the charges filed against you.

Deandra M. Grant is a highly sought-after, national speaker on the subjects of trial skill, cross examination, forensic breath and blood tests, as well as field sobriety tests. She has completed the standardized tests given by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and is also a NHTSA Field Sobriety Testing Instructor. Her in-depth knowledge and proficiency with the subject of field sobriety testing gives our firm a unique advantage when fighting DWI charges on behalf of our clients. If you or someone you love is facing criminal DWI charges, you need to have a competent defense attorney like Deandra Grant fighting on your behalf. Call our firm and schedule to meet with a Collin County criminal defense attorney right away.

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