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Teaching in Lubbock

Just returned from a terrific trip to Lubbock.  Thursday night Chris Hoover and I spent 2 hours at the Texas Tech School of Law teaching a DWI 101 class to the criminal clinic students.  I met some very impressive future attorneys.  Professor Pat Metze runs a great program out there.  

The ILFSS Defending a DWI Case with Breath/Blood Evidence seminar was on Friday.  Hoover and I  spent the day teaching science and trial skills to 39 lawyers, judges and law students. 

Deandra Grant teaching in Lubbock

The Lubbock attorneys surprised me with a cookie replica of my book.  Outstanding DWI defender Stephen Hamilton served as host and Course Director.  Thanks, Stephen, for the hospitality!

Texas DWI Manual

Deandra Grant teaching in Lubbock