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Certified in the science and testing of DWI enforcement

Appealing a DWI or BWI

Biggest Mistakes of a DWI Charge

Lawyer Scientist Certification

Boating while intoxicated with a child

DWI with a child in the car

Can I travel out of country with a DWI?

Going to Canada with a DWI

Choosing a DWI attorney

Choosing quality over cost with a DWI attorney

Cost of a DWI attorney

Cost of a BWI attorney

DWI on your criminal record

DWI probable cause

DWI while operating a boat

DWI with prior convictions

Emotional state of a DWI client

How long does a DWI conviction stay on my record?

How long will a DWI case take?

Operating a boat during pending DWI charges

Out-of-state DWI Arrest

Police didn’t have probable cause

Relieving stress of a DWI client

Prescription Drug DWI

Texas DWI Manual

Underage DWI Penalties

Charged with a DWI while sitting in your car

First time DWI charge

Second DWI charges

Third DWI charges

Being sent to jail for a first time DWI

Being sent to jail for multiple DWIs

Can I defend myself against a DWI charge?

Can I refuse a breathalyzer test?

Can refusing a breath or blood test help my case?

College age child arrested for DWI

Court process for a DWI charge

DWI license suspension

Driving during your license suspension

Legal alcohol limit

DWI with injury penalties

DWI written case evaluations

Expunging a DWI charge

Ignition Interlock Device

Losing your job from a DWI

Losing your license from a DWI

Penalties from a DWI conviction

Plea bargaining a DWI charge

Will pleading guilty reduce a DWI charge?

Refusing to answer police questions during a DUI arrest

Refusing field sobriety tests

Why you should choose a DWI attorney with lawyer scientist certification

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