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Deandra Grant Law can help you after a DWI or criminal charge, but don’t just take our word for it. Below you can learn what our clients had to say about their experience with Deandra Grant Law.

Deandra Grant Law
5 out of 5 stars based on 323 user reviews.


5 Kimberlee via

To make a long complicated story short, Douglas was able to get my felony case dismissed. This was never something I expected. He got this dismissed in a very short period as well. I would use Douglas again and would refer him to my friends and family any day of the week. I truly cannot say enough kind things about Douglas. Hire him today, you will not be sorry…..

5 Anonymous via

I was so incredibly upset about my situation. At every step of the way Douglas kept me informed and assured me that he would get me through this hard time, that was exactly what happened. I am happy to say I am through the worst of it with his help. He kept me sane and took calls and emails at all times, day/night/weekends as well.


5 Ernie via

Two of my step daughters were disciplined by me for peeing on themselves. One being 14 and the other 9 at the time. them telling me they liked doing it led to them getting spanked. unbeknownst to me i left marks. I was charged with 2 felonies for child endangerment. Douglas immediately went to work. I was a long process but he kept me included in everything. I had to leave the home until my case was dropped. during this time my mother died and Doug made me feel at ease even at my worst time. I am so glad that i considered him to be my lawyer. I do not know where i would be if he was not. I am now back in the home working diligently on bettering the relationship with my daughters. I am grateful for Doug. Both felonies were dropped within the year. A home run.

5 Anonymous via

I was very pleased with my representation from Doug Huff and his firm. He took the time to thoroughly explain the court process, as well as my options along the way and possible outcomes. Being located out of state, he was also especially helpful in minimizing the times I had to physically appear in court. Ultimately, he negotiated a plea deal for me that reduced my felony charge to a misdemeanor with probation and deferred adjudication. All things considered, this was a very good outcome and I consider myself fortunate to have had him on my side throughout my case.


5 Allie  via

I hired Douglas Huff with Hamilton Grant after interviewing 4 attorneys following my arrest for a serious DWI with a high BAC. I was devastated, embarrassed, and disappointed in myself. I never thought that in my mid-30s with a husband and children at home I would find myself in such a scary and unfamiliar situation. Doug spent extra time talking with me about the case, answered my many questions, and asked me several detailed questions of his own. Having worked in another area of the legal field for 10 years, I had a high expectation that Hamilton Grant was able to meet and exceed. The legal team is knowledgeable in their field, accessible to address questions and concerns, friendly, professional, compassionate, organized, and results-driven. With their help, I was able to retain my driver’s license for the 21-month period between my arrest and the final hearing in my case. I was also able to avoid going to jail. Perhaps equally important, it was during this time that I decided to stop drinking alcohol. When I spoke to Doug periodically about my case, he’d also ask how my treatment was going. I sincerely appreciated that he cared about my well-being as well as my case. I can hindsight and realize that the lessons I learned and the sobriety I gained over the course of the 21 months that this case pended are something I cannot put a price tag on. I am truly grateful for Doug and Cheryl’s help.

5 Justin J. McShane  via

Deandra Grant is perhaps my very most favorite person on the Earth. That is no hyperbole. She is the type of person I want my daughter to grow up to be like. Strong. Confident. A trend setter. A straight up heroic attorney in the courtroom. She is amazing. Give her a call today.

5 Chrissy Edwards  via

She’s “The Texas DWI Gal” Attorney for a reason! She’s the best!

5 Taylor Cantu via Google logo

Thank you Elizabeth Sample for being so knowledgeable, understanding, and compassionate while helping my family navigate a tough experience. I never thought I would end up in this position but we could not have chosen a better lawyer to help us. Her ability to guide us through the legal process, keep us informed, and answer any questions we had is unparalleled. Definitely referring my friends and family to this office in the future!

5 Samantha Pritchett via Google logo

Working with Deandra Grant Law Firm truly made my legal journey as painless and smooth as it could ever be. I’m so grateful for Elizabeth Sample who dedicated so much time and effort into my case. She is truly a one of a kind lawyer! I highly recommend her.


5 Lucy Hart via Google logo

Needed a criminal defense attorney and Deandra Grant Law Firm was able to help. Elizabeth Sample worked on my case and she was so helpful, thorough, and professional. Thank you for all your patience with my many questions! Highly recommend this firm if you are seeking legal support.

5 Ben Lenzen via Google logo

Working with this firm was great. They were extremely professional and polite. I worked with Elizabeth Sample in particular and the entire experience was wonderful especially considering the sensitive nature of the work. 10/10 would recommend.

5 Elsy Hernandez via Google logo

Great law firm! They were professional throughout my whole process. Lauren Evans was very helpful and insightful. Lauren helped me feel at ease by always being available and answering my questions. Great experience at Deandra Grant Law. I loved working with Deandra Grant Law firm! Cathy was such a pleasure to work with She helped my family’s immigration process go as smooth as possible with providing answers to our many questions. I will highly recommended to all of our family and friends. Thank you again, DGL team our family has our dad home for the holidays.

5 Kim Garcia via Google logo

Great law firm! They were professional throughout my whole process. Lauren Evans was very helpful and insightful. Lauren helped me feel at ease by always being available and answering my questions. Great experience at Deandra Grant Law.

5 Clint Danielson  via Google logo

This is the absolute BEST attorney to do business with. Makenzie Keene fought my case alongside Doug, resulting in a NOT GUILTY verdict! They made the prosecutors look like they were still in Kindergarten with the incredible knowledge they brought into the courtroom, not to mention they would always keep me up to date about what was going on. Look no further and give them a call now if you are seeking the best outcome for any legal issues. Thank yall so much!

5 Ashlee Reyes via Google logo

This a great law office! Top Tier 👌🏻 I worked with Cathy. She was very polite, attentive and professional with me when it came down to details. She made my experience really smooth and helpful! …

5 Michelle Rose via Google logo

If you ever need a Lawyer in the McKinney Texas area I suggest Deandra Grant Law. Working with Jacquie has been a blessing. She has been very helpful and friendly with good information and answered questions or call backs in a timely manner.

5 Samantha Olivas via Google logo

I appreciate the quality of service that I received from Elena Cruz at Deandra Grant Law. Elena’s knowledge and expertise in the process was very helpful. She was kind and understanding which made me feel at ease during the experience. Thank you for all your support.

5 Ashlee Reyes via Google logo

This is a top notch law firm with some very knowledgeable people who are always very friendly and go out of their way to assist you. Client Conceirge, Jacque is on top of her game and has been a huge help to me and my family.

5 Joanna Gomez via Google logo

Thank you Cathy for being helpful, thorough, and knowledgeable. I had several questions both on the phone and via email, Cathy was extremely responsive and happy to help guide me through the process. The entire staff is incredible, but a special shout out to Mrs. Cathy McDowell for going the extra mile.

5 Belinda Olivas via Google logo

I’m so grateful for the help I received from Elena Cruz at Deandra Grant Law. She is always professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate the time she took in guiding me through the process. Her patience and insight helped make this a smooth process.

5 Zach X. via Google logo

This is a top notch law firm with some very knowledgeable people who are always very friendly and go out of their way to assist you. Client Conceirge, Jacque is on top of her game and has been a huge help to me and my family.

5 James Henrichs via Google logo

Deandra Grant Law firm really help me out in a hard time and Jacquie was exceptionally great answering all my questions and helping me through the process. Highly recommend Deandra Grant Law. Highly recommend this firm. I was very pleased with their service and the results of my case. Lauren Evans was especially helpful and kept me informed throughout the process.

5 David Hernandez via Google logo

My experience with Deandra Grant Law was great! They helped me out at a time of need. Cathy McDowell kept me updated throughout the process until everything was taken care of.

5 Julie Williams via Google logo

This is a top notch law firm with some very knowledgeable people who are always very friendly and go out of their way to assist you. Client Conceirge, Jacque is on top of her game and has been a huge help to me and my family.

5 Jordyn Barnes via Google logo

Cathy McDowell at Deandra Grant Law is the best!! She was super helpful and I can’t recommend her enough! If you need a good criminal defense law firm or immigration law this is where you have to go!!

5 Laura Tijerina via Google logo

Such a great experience here! I called and I spoked to Cathy McDowell. I had some immigration questions and she guided me and explained thoroughly exactly what I needed to know!
Muchisimas gracias Cathy por sú ayuda. Les recomiendo a la abogada aquí!

5 Jackie Schoening via Google logo

Reached out to this law firm to help me with my case. Glad I did!! Lauren was so helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this firm.

5 Sophia Sparagana via Google logo

Thanks for your service. I loved working with Elizabeth. She was efficient and gave me all the info I needed to know.

5 Diana Tijerina Fernandez via Google logo

Cathy McDowell, Paralegal, at Deandra Grant Law office is awesome. For any criminal defense or immigration needs this is definitely the place to go to.

5 Icce 903 via Google logo

Called in to get more information & spoke with Jacque. She was very thorough & very easy to speak with. Excellent customer service.

5 Agustin Sifuentes via Google logo

Thank you guys so much, Elena was very helpful and was really welcoming . She answered all my questions thoroughly and was very patient with me. Thanks for making my first experience so positive!

5 John Tijerina via Google logo

This is the best place to go when you have legal issues. I’d give them 10 stars if I could! Cathy McDowell is the BEST! 10/10 RECOMMEND!

5 Maria Martinez via Google logo

Awesome service at this law firm thanks to helpful Lauren and her team! Highly recommend !

5 Autumn Arrington via Google logo

Jacquie was amazing at answering any questions I had through out my process, she so kind and very professional.

5 Ashlynn Richardson via Google logo

Makenzie Zarate is absolutely wonderful. Very informative, relentless and spot on with all currently knowledge on my legal proceedings

5 Stephen Keene via Google logo

I have met several of the attorneys that are members of this firm and we’re impressed by all. I was particularly impressed with Makenzie Zarate.

5 Madison Arrington via Google logo

Jacquie was great, she walked me through everything. 10/10 recommend.

5 Chelsea Gonzalez via Google logo

Elizabeth was very helpful and provided me with such good care and attention. I really appreciate all the help given! Thank you!

5 Elizabeth Henrichs via Google logo

Jacquie is one of the best person to talk too. she is absolutely amazing!!

5 Nick H via Google logo

Very helpful and very informative! They made the process as easy as possible. Definitely would recommend to anyone!

5 Tammy Bascom via Google logo

I am grateful that they listened to me and believed in me and worked to prove that I was/am innocent it means a lot when you are caught up in a bad situation. I’m glad they were in my corner.

5 Crystal Wiley via Google logo

Very helpful and very informative! They made the process as easy as possible. Definitely would recommend to anyone!

5 Kelly Berend via Google logo

Fantastic firm. Makenzie Keene is an outstanding attorney.

5 Chely C. G. via Google logo

Elena Cruz was knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. Thank you

5 Roseanna Zapata via Google logo

10/10 recommend going here and getting any legal advice or help! Talk with Cathy McDowell!

5 Andy Harrell via Google logo

Sorsha, was very nice. She is intelligent and compassionate.

5 Jackson Williams via Google logo

Love this law firm!

5 Keegan Clendenin via Google logo

Amazing! took it off my record!

5 Clare O’Hagan via Google logo

Amazing experience!

5 Iveth Duron via Google logo

My case was resolved very efficiently, the lawyers and other staff always responded quickly to my questions, and at the same time resolved the inconveniences regarding my case quickly and efficiently, for which I am eternally grateful.

5 Skylor Wilson via Google logo

Absolutely amazing

5 Shawn Reed via Google logo

Did a great job!

5 Cameron Dosanjh via Google logo

Great communication, relatively quick

5 Hector Gomez via Google logo

Deandra and her team are outstanding.

5 Peyton Beasley via Google logo

Good communication and very reliable.

5 Michelle Fernandez via Google logo

They provided great service. Always answered questions.

5 Paola Estrada via Google logo

I loved my experience; I always felt supported.

5 Nash Homera via Google logo

Meticulous and professional. I personally rate and recommend Deandra Grant Law services.

5 Susan Conley via Google logo

Best representation possible. Always felt 100% supported by my attorney and the firm.

5 Carol Lawson via Google logo

Madisen Pittman was great to work with…She was very responsive, answered any questions I had and very knowledgeable about my case….. Thank you Ms. Pittman…

5 Luis Alberto Diaz Torres via Google logo

This law firm helped me tremendously when numerous lawyers wanted me to make a plea for prison Very professional and serious people in their work, always with the best disposition to help. Very grateful to them
. I owe everything to the lawyers who worked my case(s).

5 Gabe Cantu via Google logo

This law firm helped me tremendously when numerous lawyers wanted me to make a plea for prison time. I owe everything to the lawyers who worked my case(s).

5 Hannah via Google logo

Used her for a family assault charge and got it dropped easily. She’s was great on communication and would highly recommend.

5 Angie Adair via Google logo

I never had to guess what was going on. I was always informed of every move that was being made on my behalf. I was pleased with the whole process. Ms.Grant and her team rocks! Thank you!

5 Hockey3Boys via Google logo

Everyone has been so professional, kind and caring. I appreciate that someone was always available to answer my questions. My questions were always answered the same day, which I so needed. Look no further, without hesitation they are in your corner to help you when needed.

5 Roger Galeana via Google logo

We was able to close my case, every singe person was very helpful and concern about my case I would definitely recommend people here ! And it’s a five star !

5 Courtney Tigert via Google logo

I highly recommend this law firm. They are super fast to get any situation taken care of. They take all of the weight off your shoulders and do everything in their power to give the best results. I will use them for any legal needs going forward.

5 Jesus Medrano via Google logo

This firm did a great job representing me in my case and was able to show they judge that I was ready to take on the world again on my own. Very professional and I would recommend to anyone in need of their services.

5 Sarah Ludwig via Google logo

From the very first time I called, I was immediately placed into to the right hands, no middle man, made to feel assured and that everyone was here for me, not just my bank account. Communication was minimum and affective as I had asked for, and we won my case with with flying colors, just as my attorney had assured me.

5 Roberto Gonzalez via Google logo

I could not have asked for a better lawyer as Deandra Grant and her staff walked me through the entire process from beginning to end. Everything from the initial interview to my options to the final result was second to none. They turned a nightmare of a situation into a pleasant experience that I doubt anyone could have made better, I even ended up with a better outcome than I ever expected. Thank you for everything.

5 Emma Allen via Google logo

I chose Deandra Grant to represent me because they are not only one of the best law firms in DFW for DWI but they could offer a team of people to help me with special skills in different areas of my case. Doug was able to explain the whole process and give me very accurate advice during our very first conversation and if he was not available, Madison could jump in seamlessly and take care of anything I needed. It was empowering to have support like that in a time that was unfamiliar and scary. They provided me with a ton of information on DWI law and processes that would affect me and most importantly, held up on all of the promises and estimations made about how my case would likely turn out. The biggest of which being able to get my charge dropped to a misdemeanor class B. There were a lot of lessons learned from the whole ordeal but one was definitely not to cheap out on defense.

5 Tashinga Maranyika Ncube via Google logo

Deandra Grant Law’s staff are extremely knowledgeable and very communicative during the whole process. They are available to answer any and all questions and will provide you with the best advice and potential outcomes to ensure you make the right decision. They also provide plenty of resources for educational purposes and assistance throughout your case. Would highly recommend hiring this firm for your needs!

5 Honicliff Nitchew via Google logo

I was kept up to date with my case on from every court date which I did not attend, and there was great communication on my case link with my attorney. Responses to my queries were within minutes. Great firm overall and would gladly recommend them to anyone. Thank you Deandra Grant Law.

5 Sarah Cabera via Google logo

This is the best attorneys office you can work with. Douglass Huff will show his reputation and they continue to just impress me. They have helped me with 2 cases and made it so easy for me to handle. I would highly recommend this team!

5 Bridget Layton via Google logo

I loved my experience with Deandra Grant Law! They helped me get through a really difficult time in my life. My representative was very responsive and understood my needs and expectations for my case. I’d highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal representation.

5 Allie Edwards via Google logo

Having worked in another area of the legal field for 10 years, I had a high expectation that Deandra Grant Law was able to meet and exceed. The legal team is knowledgeable in their field, accessible to address questions and concerns, friendly, professional, compassionate, organized, and results-driven.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and am appreciative of the work that was done by the team in order to achieve an outcome that I am happy with. I am truly glad to have hired Deandra Grant Law, have referred this firm to others, and will definitely continue to do so!

5 Chixo Kevin Gibbs  via Google logo

I am not sure where to begin. Let’s just say, I was a victim of a vicious lie. The kind of lie that threatened my job, my family, and my freedom. This firm assigned Madisen Pittman to my case and I was never more relieved with the result of her work or that provided by others acting as resources. From the people that answer the phone to the attention I received from Mrs. Pittman to the constant explanation of my case’s progress to its resolution, I felt important and heard. Most importantly, I felt reassured after every hurdle came my way and with whatever emotion I had, these people showed real empathy and the kind of understanding you’d expect from family. Whatever your situation, if it involves the attention of an attorney, this is the firm to call. I thank them every day for doing a job that gave me a renewed love for my family, my job, and (most certainly) my personal freedom.

5 A Google User  via Google logo

I am very appreciative that I picked the Hamilton Grant to help me in my situation. They went over and beyond for me. Every single time I needed them they were right there. I could not ask for anything different. The entire office staff was very nice and helpful. I really want to thank Cheryl, Makenzie, Douglas, Deandra, for all you hard work and dedication. Thank you so much. And I can’t forget about Jackie who call and was so very nice and check on me after everything was settle. I appreciate all of you and keep up the good work. I will always recommend you all to all my friends and family. Take care.

5 Ebonie Tave via Google logo

I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for legal services. They were amazing and handled my case efficiently. Lauren Evans helped guide me through the process. She was very helpful and always answered my questions. If I need legal assistance again I would definitely return.

5 Johan Marin via Google logo

Excelente trabajo manteniéndote informado sobre tu casó , muy buena accesoria!!!

5 Cheryl Currie via Google logo

She helped me when I didn’t think anyone could! 

5 Julio Dimas via Google logo

They’re very professional, thanks Deandra Grant Law.

5 Elizabeth Fletcher via Google logo

This entire team is smart, professional, and honest, which is not always easy to find in a lawyer.

5 Monica Hernandez via Google logo

Everyone was very helpful, they guide me to get everything done !!

5 Chad Sinclair via Google logo

Hamilton Grant PC handled my expungement very quickly and kept in contact throughout.

5 Barik Murphy via Google logo

It was a great experience, I didn’t even have to do anything which is perfect!

5 Craig Spence via Google logo

Very punctual with all communications and handled my case exquisitely!

5 James Woods via Google logo

Highly communicative, and professional. Helped me quickly, and provided a multitude of resources to make everything easier to unsterstand.

5 Cody Strunk via Google logo

Douglas Huff did everything he said he would do and was communicative along the way. His explanations and advice were very helpful.

5 Michael Wolf via Google logo

Hamilton Grant helped me when I was in need the most and worked with my budget. If you need a criminal defense attorney look no further.

5 Garrett Horton via Google logo

Responds same day for all questions/concerns. Got me the best plea deal I could of asked for. The whole team helps out. HIRE THEM!!

5 Belinda Olivas via Google logo

I have been fortunate in receiving the utmost professionalism in customer service care from Hamilton Grant. They are knowledgeable and take pride in their services they provide. I would recommend them to anyone.

5 Courtney Tigert via Google logo

They took all of my worries away and handled my case with professional but also with compassion for what I was dealing with. I highly recommend!

5 Alexandria Lugo via Google logo

I would recommend Deandra Grant Law to any family or friend. I highly recommend Cathy she was very knowledgeable and had excellent customer service.

5 Daniel Brown via Google logo

Working with Hamilton Grant has been a breeze. They have a very easy to use online portal that includes tons of support. I would recommend this group to anyone looking for professional quality with complete competence.

5 Paul Kim via Google logo

Couldn’t recommend any other law firm. Very communicative and answered any questions I had in a timely manner. Handled all of my cases and kept me out of serving time. So thank you so much!!

5 Bruce Salmon via Google logo

My legal situation has been drawn out by Covid, and everyone at the firm has been very helpful and responsive in helping me navigate trying circumstances. I also appreciate that I was not upcharged because of the unforeseen challenges of the pandemic.

5 Robert Knop via Google logo

Amazing law firm! James Fletcher is so professional will listen to everything that you tell him without judgement and work hard to get you the best case scenario which in my case was all charges dropped!

5 Haylee Woods via Google logo

James Fletcher is hands down the BEST at what he does! James specializes in DWI cases, serving justice to those who feel robbed of their constitutional rights. In the year that I worked with James, he was consistently professional, responsive, and passionate about his work. I was being charged with a crime I did not commit, nothing is worse than being falsely accused of a crime you did not commit. James was able to bring forth the truth and clear my name! Hearing the Judge over my case say “Not Guilty” was the most liberating moment of my life! I owe that liberating moment and my professional career to my attorney, James Fletcher, who worked tirelessly on proving my innocence! Go with James!

5 John B via Google logo

Had a great experience with my lawyer James Fletcher including help from representatives Jackie and Elena I believe at the law office. Great DUI lawyer very well represented the right of their client

5 Johnathan Ham via Google logo

The staff at Hamilton law firm were very fast and prompt to answer my phone call!, Also the woman Elena I spoke with was very genuine and even though she and her team were and are always stacked up and days/weeks out due to their reputation and high bar they set!, they had one of their pros! James fletcher rearrange his schedule to help me out with some legal bologna I’m in the middle of!!

To top it off he also went out of his way to help me with this case and referred me to another attorney to help with the second half of my case! ( how many attorneys do that in real life!??). Unheard of customer service and empathy from these people!!! True southern hospitality/professionalism!!!! I will never use anyone else in my future and I recommend y’all give these folks just 5 minutes of y’all’s time!!

Trust me they are worth the couple seconds to call them first before all the others!!

5 Christina Taylor via Google logo

Zero complaints! Y’all took my scary situation and handled it beyond professionally. My numerous questions were always answered promptly and everything was essentially taken care of for me. Very VERY grateful and 10/10 would recommend.

5 Vishal Krihnaswamy via Google logo

Great experience with them! They were able to get my case dismissed. Very nice and responsive and willing to explain what’s going on. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

5 Darell Johnson via Google logo

I would highly recommend Deandra Grant and her group for your legal needs. Doug and Madisen were great and provided a better than expected outcome for me. Thank you to everyone in the group that worked on my case!

5 Justin Carpenter via Google logo

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. James Fletcher at Deandra Grant Law. Mr Fletcher was very attentive, communicated well and put my worries at ease. My charge was reduced with the hard work and dedication of the team at the law firm! Forever grateful, thank you all!!!

5 Everett Kahaloa via Google logo

Some of the finest folks coming from this law firm ! From my lawyer James Fletcher to everyone I have spoken with they are just a cut about the rest . From the moment I contacted them they have been kind , courteous , professional ,and always keep me in the loop about everything going on with my legal troubles . The experience they have shows from start to finish and has made me feel at ease to know the top brass is on the job ! I know I for certain I will always keep their number should the legal waters get muddy again.

5 Jackie Gomez via Google logo

This Law firm was amazing! They helped me tremendously with my 1st DWI. They were very responsive and communicated with me the whole time. I highly recommend them if you need a good lawyer.

5 Michael VanKirk via Google logo

The Law Offices of Deandra Grant Law is most certainly a respectable five star firm for those in need of a solid and reputable criminal defense team. They’re all prompt, on point, reliable, as well very personable and professional. They’re all top notch legal representatives and class act in the court room. I will always call upon them and refer them to anyone that is deserving of the best Texas trial attorneys around!

5 Tommie Franklin via Google logo

I had a great experience working with this law firm. From the time I came into the office, my lawyer took the time to discuss my case thoroughly on what may or may not happen. The thing that impressed me the most was that everything discussed with my case was straight-forward and I was told what to expect every step of the way. My lawyer kept me informed about what was going on and if there was something that was needed, she did not hesitate to help. She went above and beyond what I had expected for an attorney to do. I would use this law firm again, if needed.

5 Samit Patel via Google logo

Deandra Grant Law handled my case in a very professional and diligent manner. I was very impressed with their team including Deandra, Douglas, Mackenzie, and Cheryl. Any time I had a question, an answer was provided almost immediately. This team goes above and beyond. They handled my case in the best way possible and they were able to get an exceptional outcome for my case. Their reputation speaks for itself. I would definitely recommend this law firm to my family and friends.

5 Out Da Box Entertainment via Google logo

This was the best choice I ever made. I appreciate everything Grant Law done for me in means of helping, communication, and positive action. I would definitely call Grant Law for any advise, or help. Grant Law is the BEST!

5 Gerry Clark via Google logo

DeAndra Grant and Douglas Huff were exceptional and taking care of my case. After going to trial, I was quit pleased with their bull dog approach, never giving up on my case, and it was reduced. Thank You, Team

5 Ben Schrimsher via Google logo

Deandre Grant law firm is hands down the best firm I have ever had the pleasure to work with to resolve my legal issues. They were thorough, prompt and extremely efficient during the entire process. Sorsha and McKenzie were my trial attorneys and relentlessly brought to light the facts that the State’s team built their case on was a misrepresentation of the law. I was acquitted and they are still working closely with me for subsequent expunction. I will be recommending this firm in the future at every possible juncture.

5 Jose Morales via Google logo

They did an outstanding job dismissing both of my cases

5 Lee Davenport via Google logo

Deandra Grant Law was fantastic to work with and exceeded all my expectations. I had never really worked with a Law Firm before and I was very happy and satisfied with the outcome. They communicated extremely well and made me feel comfortable through the entire process. I highly recommend Deandra Grant Law for any of your needs.

5 Byron G. via Google logo

As a fellow trial attorney, I seldom put my reputation and credibility on the line by offering reviews of other attorneys, unless they possess the same level of work ethic and zealous advocacy that I would provide to my own clients.

I can without reservation offer my highest recommendation for the talented attorneys and staff at Deandra Grant Law. While no outcome is ever guaranteed, the attorney who is best prepared generally prevails. I had the pleasure of working with both Ms. Grant and Mr. Huff, and the attention to detail and level of preparation exhibited by both were second to none.

Lastly, real litigators are a dying breed in the legal industry. Too often in my profession, I encounter attorneys who call themselves litigators but are afraid or aren’t confident enough to proceed to trial when it is in their clients’s best interest.

This is not the case with the attorneys at Deandra Grant Law. Their attorneys exhibit a commanding presence in court, and they are confident and poised in all aspects of their trial work. The respect they have no doubt earned from other attorneys and judges in Dallas and throughout the state is well placed.

For these reasons, I happily and highly recommend the Deandra Grant Law firm.


5 Nekandra Coulter via Google logo

Deandra Grant and her team were organized and professional. I was kept abreast of every detailed piece of information regarding my case. They were readily available whenever I had questions. Great team, quality work, and a successful outcome!

5 Jordyn Mitchell via Google logo

They are very responsive to requests and questions. Doug went above and beyond to fight for me and get the best possible deal I could in Collin County. I even had questions during probation and they were quick to answer and help (which they didn’t have to do).

5 Daryl Penn via Google logo

I would recommend this law firm to anyone!!! I am not a native of Texas and only been here 2 years. The lawyer that represented me in my case against the state was not only professional but gave me the best legal advise I could ask for. I was not happy with the end result but that as nothing to do with the representation. My lawyer was not pushy nor try to get additional money out of me. She was 100% honest with me and advised me to take the route I did and that’s all I could as for!!!

5 Stephan Parker via Google logo

It took me until 60 years of age to get arrested and I was in way over my head attorney wise.
Never having been in the system and I really did not understand what was happening nor what the consequences were. As it turns out, the consequences were serious.
Douglas Huff, my attorney and Cheryl Currie were very patient, explained everything, including the downside consequences regarding my situation. I took their explanation and advice to heart and followed their instructions. They made the situation understandable and workable. My actions were against the law, but it could have been much, much worse.
With regard to legal fees, you can never pay too much, but you can always pay too little.
If such a legal situation arises again, Hamilton Grant is 1st on my list for invaluable legal assistance.

5 Zane Harris via Google logo

HG took the most embarrassing moment of my life and and what felt like an un-winnable case, to deferred adjudication and Class B from Class A. My attorney literally continued to negotiate on the morning of my trial while I waited at the courthouse for my trial to start. He came out and gave me my updated plea from Class A (previously the DA wouldn’t move it down) to Class B. I cried. I have professional licenses that Class A would have interfered with. Aside from the outcome, they’re super responsive and easy to work with. Worth every cent. Don’t go anywhere else for something this important.

5 A. R. via Google logo

It was a process but grant law firm helped me get exactly what I needed. Stay free man.

5 Ryan Dickens via Google logo

Deandra Grant was the first and only firm I reached out to. Everyone was informative and helpful.

5 Esther Rosenthal via Google logo

I’m so thankful for the caring service I received from the administrator Jacquie Henrich.
Hiring a lawyer is very stressful but to have someone really care about your situation and go the extra mile to help you was such a blessing.
Excellent service

5 Ezekiel Olivas via Google logo

My experience with Deandra Grant Law was excellent. My attorney gave my case all the time and attention that was needed to get it dismissed.

5 Jonah Tapia via Google logo

I recently had the good fortune of having Doug Huff represent me in court. If you’re looking for someone that’s honest, fair, dependable and has your best interest at heart then this is the man you want to hire.

5 Michael Simmons via Google logo

Thank you for having me my name is Michael and my experience with the law firm law group Is that they handle their business they know the law, Help you with anything that you need services 100% satisfaction, Feeling the love still checking up on me till this day, thank you.

5 Nicolas Pineda via Google logo

Great work, literally took them less than 24 hr to get everything done. Great experience and very friendly.

5 E Z Flip via Google logo

Best Lawyers hands down. They get the job done , I ain’t have to go to court my lawyer handled everything.

5 Jesus Diaz via Google logo

Best law firm ever! Helped me out so much, I couldn’t recommend anyone else.

5 Aaron Hampton via Google logo

Outstanding service. Jacquie was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Would definitely recommend!

5 Barbara Baker via Google logo

I had a few legal questions and spoke with Jacqueline Henrichs and she got back to me with some very helpful information in a very timely matter.

5 Landen via Google logo

Jacquie was suuuuper nice and very professional. A pleasure to work with.

5 Landen via Google logo

Jacquie was suuuuper nice and very professional. A pleasure to work with.

5 Susan Anderson via Google logo

Jacquie Heinrich is the bomb!! She is very knowledgeable and always helpful.

5 Tiyane Cao via Google logo

Very happy with the help this law firm has provided. Thank you.

5 Sandi Levow via Google logo

Deandra is a talented attorney. Top rate. Highly recommend

5 Cory Miller via Google logo

Great representation

5 Autumn Arrington via Google logo

Great service, easy to work with and extremely friendly.

5 Lanette Dupree Megert via Google logo

Thank you Cheryl and Jacquie for all you do!!

5 BriAnna Williams via Google logo

Would highly recommend this place. Jacquie is very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.

5 Jennifer Adams via Google logo

Very professional, I really appreciated how patient Jacquie was with me when I talked to her on the phone. Would highly recommend Hamilton Grant!

5 Tamiko Jones via Google logo

A co-worker recommend that I call to get professional help concerning a legal matter for my son. When I call Mrs. Hendrichs, a parallegal at the McKinney office was very knowledgable and helpful. There was a show of concern and she made sure I had all of my questions were answered and now my son is a customer, thanks to Mrs. Hendrichs! I would recommend service to anyone who needed help from the Hamilton Grant Law Firm!

5 Christina Edwards via Google logo

Highly recommended! Excellent, efficient, and highly educated attorney’s and staff that keep up with the “now” and not the past. If you find yourself in the middle of a criminal charge or want to clear your record on an eligible non conviction/not guilty charge (including DWI), give Hamilton Grant a call, they are the best! I promise 🙂

5 Pastor Ginger Snedeker via Google logo

When I look for an attorney, I sure look for the most professional and most serious, who is going to be on MY SIDE and protect me. The people I have spoken with at this office have been the best I have ever encountered. I appreciated that the phone was answered promptly and by A PERSON ! Jackie answered the phone and I was relieved I could speak with a human, and not a machine. Jackie, you are the best.

5 James Bristo via Google logo

Things were handling as quickly as could be. They were professional and caring. I always felt like a priority. Calls were returned and attention was given to my fears. I hope I never near you again but if I do or if I have friends that do you will be recommended highly.

5 Mon Sta via Google logo

Great attorney answered any question and were always helpful when I needed to know what was going on with my case

5 Erik Rosen via Google logo

Great team to have on your side! Very knowledgeable in their field and I highly recommend them…as they came highly recommended to me. I was extremely pleased with the way this group handled my case and WON! They really came through for me! If I ever find myself in a tough situation in the future (Which I hope I don’t), this will be the office I call! Thank you Deandra and team! You guys were awesome!!!

5 DJ Convertible Curt via Google logo

I had a situation with Dallas PD so I reached out to a lot of places initially. I finally found their firm and felt like they genuinely wanted to help. Jacquie is very sweet! She got me to Douglas Huff and he called me on zoom. They kept me up to date on everything and got my case dismissed during the pandemic with no hassle. I definitely would recommend and use them again!

5 Michael Kingrey via Google logo

Well, I knew I was in deep troubles (basically due to my past DWI’S)so I asked around and did some long research. I knew for a fact that I had to get the Best of the Best!
After about two weeks I was told by a friend of my boss to check out this law firm(Deandra Grant Law), that his brother just used them and had great results…
So I called my sister (she’s great at doing research)and set up a time with her to look into this firm (Deandra Grant Law)…..
So sure enough she advised me to set up an appointment and go feel them out…..
Well, in three days I was in there office and I felt confident and assured that they would do there best to get the results I was looking for (it was not looking good, as far as the DA was trying for)..
To fast forward it, two years, four months later Deandra put together a team of attorneys she felt(Knew) confident to get our results that I was content with……
My gosh, when it came time for jury selection, you’d think you were watching “Perry Mason”!!
Then, four days later , I tell you, You talk about Law and Order, this team of attorneys were above and beyond impressive,on top of there game would put it mildly!!!
I watched every move, listened to every single word and was amazed at the confidence and strength of there ability to work together like a well oil machine!!!
To boil it down, I was totally impressed and very thankful that I found them!!!!
Ten months two weeks later I ran into another little issue and within four weeks they(Deandra Grant Law)had me 100 per cent taken care of…..
Now this takes (took) a lot of communication between there team of secretaries, attorneys , detectives and a lot of hard work…. I know for a fact, I would highly recommend them and most importantly, I would have them on my side again if needed!!!

5 Andrew Garcia via Google logo

If you’re looking for a place that you can trust, Deandra Grant law is the best. They helped me with my case, there team is amazing, I was will informed and can’t have ask for a better law firm. What are you waiting for? Call them and get the past behind you and move forward in the future…

5 Rick Perkins via Google logo

Deandra Grant Law firm is Superb. They quickly answered every question I had along the way. They represented me very well and got me better results than I could ever have imagined.
I highly recommend them for any legal work you may ever need.
They are very professional; kind and respectful as well.
You won’t find better legal knowledge than Deandra Grant Law firm.

5 Jasmine Cross via Google logo

As most people know, finding a trustworthy law firm to represent your case is a tedious task. By posting this review, I’m hoping I can make that less stressful! I am truly grateful that I was able to become connected to the Deandra Grant Law group. My attorney Sorsha was knowledgeable, tactical, and diligent on accomplishing my desired result. Not only that, but I received regular updates and check-ins from other staff representatives about case status. If you’re unsure just give them a try and let their actions speak for themselves— it’s worth it!

5 Kendal Loma via Google logo

Deandra Grant Law has been the best firm through my case! They were EXTREMELY responsive, clear and helpful. Sorsha was my lawyer and I can’t say enough good things about her! Very caring, transparent and intentional especially during uncertain times. Thank y’all so much. I highly recommend!!!

5 Ontario Williams via Google logo

Wonderful staff. Professionalism. Knowledgeable.

5 Rick Evans via Google logo

My lawyer Sorsha was amazing. Very informative and helpful. She was able to help me get a positive outcome to my case. Thank you and I hope everyone else’s experience is as good as mine.

5 Joseph Grant via Google logo

Doug Huff did a awesome job! The lack of communication was definitely made up for by his intelligence and performance. In the end I avoided prison time and I am truly grateful to still have my job and my freedom! Thank you!

5 Shellam1972 via Google logo

Monica Lopez-Barnard very responsive and professional. Always there to answer my questions. Will definitely refer people to Monica.

5 Lucy Hart via Google logo

Needed a criminal defense attorney and Deandra Grant Law Firm was able to help. Elizabeth Sample worked on my case and she was so helpful, thorough, and professional. Thank you for all your patience with my many questions! Highly recommend this firm if you are seeking legal support.

5 Pris Johnson via Google logo

I was referred to Deandra Grant law firm by my nieces firm in Lubbock Tx and could not have been more pleased with their services. During my time with Deandra Grant’s firm my family went through some devastating ordeals. The firm was so accommodating and supportive and did whatever it took to help get through those times. I strongly recommend this firm to anyone having issues with the trials they face in their lives. Thank you to each and everyone at this firm.

5 Travis Calhoun via Google logo

I couldn’t be happier with my experience!

5 AJ Evans via Google logo

My case has not been opened yet in Tarrant County, but every professional Deandra Grant Law team member has helped me with any questions or concerns I have asked in the past. I appreciate thier patience with me when I ask questions cause I feel in my heart that they care for me. Thank you Deandra Grant Law for my future representation and I’m happy I chose this professional firm.

5 Zeek Garza via Google logo

Great attorneys would highly recommend! Always answers when I call or have questions. I appreciate all of them very much!!!

5 Kyla Lee via Google logo

I’ve known Deandra for several years in my capacity as a Canadian DUI lawyer. She is the only person I would refer my clients to in Ft Worth – one of the smartest and hardest working attorneys around. She has treated all my referrals with white-glove service and obtained excellent results. She is also amazing to go to for advice as a fellow lawyer and always spends extra time helping other lawyers who need assistance with their cases.

5 Cindy Eicke via Google logo

I just wanted to say how grateful I am that I chose Deandra Grant Law Firm! My attorney Sorsha was so amazing and professional and took care of things that I wasn’t even aware that I needed at the time. Thank you Sorsha! Also, I have to add that the Firm’s Administrator, Cheryl, was on top of all my issues and she would always go above and beyond to help me anytime I reached out to her-even if she was getting ready to leave, she never made me wait to get a reply. She stood up and fought for me every step of the way too!! Quite frankly, I think she would make a great attorney! If you need TOP legal representation – contact Deandra Grant Law Firm! They are the best!

5 Michael VanKirk via Google logo

Hands down – this team knows how to get the job done!

5 Jeremy Stone via Google logo

Olivia was great she answered my call and was very nice and gave my all the information I asked for. Overall was very knowledgeable and helpful with the questions I had asked.

5 Michelle Rose via Google logo

Jacquie Henrichs was very professional and answered any questions that I had in a timely matter. She was very friendly and easy to talk all while seemingly to be very caring. Best experience I have had in this kind of situation.

5 Maria Marquez via Google logo

Excellent lawyer. Monica helped me with my divorce paperwork. Thank you so much for everything.

5 Alicia Campbell via Google logo

Amazing experience with Madisen and her staff. No issues, excellent communication and reasonably priced. All my questions were always answered in a timely manner and I really felt supported through my entire case. Would highly recommend!

5 Presh Williams via Google logo

Deandra Grant Law fights hard for their clients and is always willing to go above and beyond. They are the best firm for DWI cases in DFW and beyond. Definitely hire them to represent you in any pending cases.

5 Justin McShane via Google logo

I can testify that Deandra Grant and her crew are professional, amazing, and peerless. They have no competition. I’ve known Deandra as a colleague for over 10 years. There is no one — no one — I can recommend higher than her. I trust her. You can too. Give them a call. You will not be sorry.

5 Ronnie Beathard via Google logo

Beyond pleased with the representation from this law firm.

5 Ugo Vega via Google logo

Deandra Grant Law is the Legal team you need in your corner ! Cheryl and Doug huff are a true class act . They would reply promptly to my messages and concerns theirs nobody else I would want defending my rights. I picked up a felony Dwi in 2020 and Doug Huff was able to talk it down to a dwi 1st offense talk about a life saver. 10/10 I recommend Deandra Grant Law for all your legal issues.

5 Robert Seger via Google logo

I’d like to give a great shout out to Makenzie Zarate and Sorsha Huff with Deandra Grant Law Firm. The epitome of professionalism. The way they put me at ease over a tense situation was remarkable. I totally felt like they had my back at whatever the outcome would have been. Thanks guys !!!

5 Kristen via Google logo

For the second time, I have benefited from the thorough and knowledgeable representation of the Hamilton Grant Law group. Deandra Grant and her team kept me updated and well-informed from the time of my arrest through the end of my hearing. They even followed up afterwards to make sure I had had all my questions answered and was satisfied. I have already recommended Hamilton Grant to those I’ve met with legal troubles and have nothing but positive things to say about my experience. They treat you with professionalism and concern on a human level which was both reassuring and commendable. If you employ Hamilton Grant Law group for your legal woes, you are sure to be in the best hands.

5 Carmeshia Byrd via Google logo

Listen, if you are looking for a great family attorney, look no further, Monica is AMAZING!! Monica is very knowledgeable and she cares. Monica took out the time to listen to all of our questions and she answered every last one of them. For your first time or last time, you need someone in your corner that knows what they are talking about and fight for you!! She is the best. Jumped right in and started working and came back quickly with info and answers. Monica did not stop until it was done! Very hard worker!! I recommend her and this is the way to go. If you want someone to fight just as hard, if not harder than you do for your family! Thank you Monica!!!

5 Nekandra Coulter via Google logo

Deandra Grant Law handled my case with diligence and professionalism. Deandra Grant’s reputation is stellar and now I know why. She has a team of individuals who provide quality service.

5 Bianca Black via Google logo

Monica Lopez-Barnard goes above and beyond when it comes to helping her clients reunite with their loved one, she fights for what’s right and defends her clients with compassion. I retained Monica’s services in 2018 and she helped me get my kids back, I was able to bring both my children home before Christmas after being gone from them for seven years. Monica does more then just file motions and attend court dates she works one on one with you helping you through every step. Monica is more then just an attorney she’s a mother and will fight for your kids just like they were her own. A true blessing!

5 Kita Keomaxay via Google logo

I would recommend this law firm as it was smooth transition for my court dates and they were on top of things. They walk you through the process and what expected from the courts. If they needed information on anything they would call or text and also had a one on one zoom call.

5 Keiandra Garcia via Google logo

I must say Mrs. Monica was is so passionate about her work and her determination really got the job done fast and easy. I am finally back with my three beautiful children. I will soon be divorce. You are not alone at all. Very responsible price with down payment.

5 Megan Hayley via Google logo

Deandra Grant made a tough situation so much better. She listened to my concerns and helped me so much with my case. I would recommend her to anyone needing legal services.

5 Kade Lankford via Google logo

I spoke with Olivia when I called and she was very helpful and professional 🙂

5 Perla Rosales via Google logo

I would fully recommend Deandra. She handled everything so well and made it so easy for me! she also did get them to lower my charges. Even the judge said to Thank my lawyer! I would definitely say if your looking for a good lawyer she will get the job done. Thank you Deandra.

5 Wildrok via Google logo

Can’t say enough about them. I was treated very well and with care. Definitely took the stress out of my situation and represented me beyond my expectations.

5 Jason Elder via Google logo

I was very impressed by how well I was represented and by the fact that I was contacted on a regular basis afterwards to make sure everything was going well for me. Every time I had a question, it was answered almost immediately. I couldn’t be happier about the representation and support I received.

5 Sharon Bull via Google logo

Excellent service ! Very professional in handling cases and you can be sure to get good results. I had a case which I kinda lost hope on but they handled it without me stressing, I did not even have to show up in court Mr Huff represented me and everything went well, end result …. the case was dismissed . Glad I used them will always recommend this firm to friends and family .

5 Donald Crear via Google logo

Outstanding customer service. Great communication and great prices. I was not disappointed with the outcome of my cases and would use their services again.

5 Mike Kelley via Google logo

I was in a bad situation in my life back in 2019 and needed an attorney… I reached out to several firms and had no luck, they either didn’t want to take my case or was over charging me. I got in contact with Deandra Grant Law and they got my whole case dismissed 10 out of 10 on my behalf.

5 Ontario Williams via Google logo

Wonderful staff. Professionalism. Knowledgeable.


5 Kim Keheley Frye via Google logo

Deandra Grant is at the top of her game in skill and influence. Attorney Grant is often consulted and hired by other lawyers for her experience and expertise. I would not hesitate to hire her for myself or a family member. She works hard for each and every client. Every client is lucky to have her. She literally wrote the book on DWI in Texas.

5 Jonathan Rooker via Google logo

Very knowledgeable about law, science, and human behavior. I’m one of many attorneys across the nation that Deandra has educated, helped, and offered both general and specific advice to. She enjoys trials, and is one of the few nationwide that look at difficult fact patterns as an opportunity to accept the challenge rather than something to be avoided.

5 Aaron Johnson via Google logo

Makenzie Zarate was a beacon of hope to my family at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh on impossible. Not only was she able to defend us from an unjust accusation, her calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and those I care about most. My children and I are eternally grateful for her service and I hereby recommend Mrs. Zarate without reservation. A true hero in our darkest time.

5 Trish Kirk via Google logo

Just a shout out to Jacquie. She has the most contagious laugh and absolute bubbling personality. Such a joy to speak with.

5 Andrea Hayduk via Google logo

Deandra Grant is one of the best DWI lawyers in the country. She is the most knowledgeable in her field by a long shot. If I or a family member was arrested for DWI in Texas she would be my only call. I highly recommend her services.

5 Olivia Cannon via Google logo

AMAZING firm! Makenzie Zarate was very professional and had amazing knowledge about the law. They are quick and efficient in getting the help that a person might need. Will definitely recommend this firm to anyone needing services!

5 Corey Murray via Google logo

I know Makenzie Zarate through mutual colleagues attending the same al mater at Texas Tech University, and as an individual outside the courtroom, she’s a very knowledgeable and wise, young woman who knows more about the practice of law more than anyone I know. I would highly encourage her for anyone who is looking for an attorney that understands the present modern law and can be extremely relatable to anyone, of any age, from any background

5 Lauren Pollard via Google logo

Highly Recommend this firm! Attorney Makenzie Zarate is an Amazing new talent that has a very bright future ahead! She has an impeccable work ethic that will take her far in her career!

5 Brian Manchester via Google logo

I am a lawyer from Pennsylvania. I first met Deandra at a training seminar in Chicago. Not just an ordinary training seminar. It was a hands on lab course on gas chromatography. The course was 5 days long and we were taught by some of the best analytic chemists in the US. This was not a standard legal CLE where lawyers talk to lawyers and sign in sheets are signed for credit. We actually were taught the theory of analytical chemistry and took apart, reassembled, and ran the actual machines used to test our clients blood. That is how dedicated Deandra is to learn so as to be the best lawyer she can be.

Since becoming friends we speak to each other often and have actually presented on scientific defenses in blood testing together. I can’t recommend enough her skills in the courtroom and with science. Anyone who is charged with a DUI or a case involving science must hire her in my opinion. She even wrote THE book on DUI defense in Texas. hard combo to beat.

5 Evan Levow via Google logo

Deandra Grant is the lawyer’s lawyer. In addition to fighting and winning her cases, she is consulted by lawyers and judges for her knowledge regarding the defense of DWI cases. She is a scientist and a lawyer, a powerful combination, that any client thinking of hiring her should look no further: you cannot make a better choice of counsel for a DWI blood case in the greater Dallas area.

5 Kyla Lee via Google logo

Deandra Grant is recognized as one of the top attorneys in Dallas but also in America for good reason. She is fearless, intelligent, and will explore every avenue to succeed in your case.

5 James Bristo via Google logo

I felt like part of the team. I was ask questions and given feedback about my case. If I had a question it was answered, quickly. The portal that we communicated through was very helpful and I was responded to quickly with any questions. Great group ok very knowledgeable and professional lawyers.

5 Richard Middlebrook via Google logo

Hamilton Grant is a leader in the courtroom and community. Headed by one of the most talented defense lawyers in the country (Deandra Grant), you cannot go wrong working with such an incredible firm.

5 Samantha Savage via Google logo

Makenzie Zarate is an amazing lawyer and this firm is lucky to have such a driven and passionate individual. I highly recommend this firm, they clearly only hire the best.

5 Paul Coy via Google logo

When searching out a criminal defence attorney, Douglas Huff was at the top of the list. After reading a little bit about him and his practice, I knew right away he was the one to represent me. I called the number listed and almost immediately I was speaking to him through zoom. Without going into details about my case or my past, I will say that he performed nothing less than a miracle for me. No charge, no conviction. Thank you Mr. Douglas Huff!

5 Timothy Woltz via Google logo

Cheryl and the team at Hamilton Grant went above and beyond. I would definitely use them again if (God forbid) I ever need to.

5 Kim Campisi via Google logo

Makenzie Zarate is extremely hard working, intelligent, and easy to talk to. A bright, young, lawyer with big goals, and wonderful work ethic.

5 Kevin Jones via Google logo

Hamilton Grant To me is the best low farm in Texas They looked out for my best interests did not let me settle for anything work really hard on my case Get the job done really happy to be a part of their team

5 Autumn Arrington via Google logo

Had the pleasure of speaking with Jacquie, extremely nice and helpful with any questions or concerns I had. Thanks again.

5 Mitch Magee via Google logo

They were very professional any questions that I had they answered no matter how simple it was…they explained everything that was happening…and handled my case the best way possible. And we had great results!!!!!

5 Michael Muniz via Google logo

People in the office are friendly and answered my questions and have handled my case professionally. I would recommend this law firm to my family and friends

5 Avery Piper via Google logo

Good people, always willing to help! Did a great job on my case, highly recommended and appreciate!

5 Aden Estrada via Google logo

I acquired the services of attorney Ms.Grant . She is extremely knowledgeable easily to communicate with and gets you amazing results. Thank you Ms.Grant

5 Codey Dodd via Google logo

They did a great job helping me out and I couldn’t of asked for a better lawyer group!! Definitely recommend for anyone who is needing help!!

5 Lily Vela via Google logo

The law firm team were so helpful with my case that i had… i answered any question that i needed and they explained everything.. i would recommend this place!!!

5 Ryker Allison via Google logo

I will definitely be arrested again, just to work with Makenzie Zarate! (aka “Kenzie Karate” aka “Karate Zarate”) She will kick your case right in the “dismissed.!”

5 Madison Zarate via Google logo

Makenzie Zarate is extremely professional and is clearly passionate about what she does. She will not disappoint!

5 Nicolas Pineda via Google logo

By far the best experience I’ve had with any lawyer. Very efficient. Could have not asked for anything better. Thank you all.

5 Dakota Zarate via Google logo

Makenzie Zarate is the most dedicated, passionate professional you could choose as a defense attorney.

5 Lucinda Williams via Google logo

I love the customer service y’all are the best law firm around but I won’t be getting into no more trouble lol😂😂

5 Devin via Google logo

This is literally the best experience I’ve ever experienced I recommend this firm! From Maddy to Doug to Cheryl THEYRE THE BEST

5 Ashlynn Richardson via Google logo

Makenzie Zarate is an absolutely amazing representative. Very keen eye for detail!

5 Almas A via Google logo

Helped me out in a way I wanted to request and get off probation and thanks to grant law I was able to.

5 Jessica McElroy via Google logo

Great team of attorneys. Makenzie Zarate is super helpful and very professional.

5 Eric Vaughn via Google logo

The attorneys there are very responsive and easy to work with. The have some of the top attorneys in all kind of legal issues.

5 Ryan Delgadillo via Google logo

Very professional and informative. Eased all my concerns throughout my entire case.

5 David Daniels via Google logo

James Fletcher far exceed my expectations! He proved me innocent! He is a winner🏆!

5 Levi Johnson via Google logo

If you need help, you need Makenzie Zarate in your corner.

5 Martez Geddis via Google logo

Amazing representation worth every penny

5 Brandon Cofield via Google logo

Very patient and informative attorneys!

5 London Swango via Google logo

Absolutely recommend!

5 GM Youngin via Google logo

Great Experience

5 Ezekeil Olivas via Google logo

5 AJ E via Google logo

5 Sean Buster via Google logo

5 Casper Paid via Google logo

5 U Bushvia Google logo

5 Vishal Makan via Google logo

5 Johan Marin via Google logo

5 Jose Armando via Google logo

5 Tyler Grisham via Google logo

5 Aaron Merlan via Google logo

5 Danny Nguyen via Google logo

5 Mabrey Sharpe via Google logo

5 Austen Davis via Google logo

5 Yari Rodriguez via Google logo

5 Danny Gonzalez via Google logo

5 Sandor Vitok via Google logo

5 Ian Klein via Google logo

5 Andrew Stanmore via Google logo

5 Jeremy Bush via Google logo

5 Mario Edwards via Google logo

5 Dan Edwards via Google logo

5 Keely Karationos via Google logo

5 Makenzie Zarate via Google logo

5 Miriam Gonzalez via Google logo

5 Sean Darvishi via Google logo

5 James Henrichs via Google logo

5 John Thoman via Google logo

5 Altagracia Garcia via Google logo

5 DJ Marion via Google logo

5 Roy Hernandez via Google logo

5 Jacquie Henrichs via Google logo

5 Icycool via Google logo

5 Ambria Dean via Google logo

5 LeAndre Rucks via Google logo

5 Cole Grissett via Google logo

5 Nicholas Cernicky via Google logo

5 Michael Heffren via Google logo

5 Angela Hinojosa via Google logo

5 Juan Rivera via Google logo

5 Ashley Evans via Google logo

5 James Henrichs via Google logo

5 Ian Klein via Google logo

5 Adrian Johnson via Google logo

5 QueenBee924 via Google logo

5 Madisen Pittman via Google logo

5 Andy Escobedo via Google logo

5 Lache LA via Google logo

5 Kibbs Makibia via Google logo

5 Andres Hernandez via Google logo

5 Bruce Salmon via Google logo

5 Karen Karen via Google logo

5 Peyton Pogue via Google logo

5 Michelle Rose via Google logo

5 Cassian Mabhugu via Google logo

5 Officialelibrown via Google logo

5 Roger Galeana via Google logo

5 Mikayla Hauck via Google logo

5 Ezekiel Olivas via Google logo

5 Dr. E Suah via Google logo

5 Chad Phillips via Google logo

5 Tina Cruz via Google logo

5 Casper Paid via Google logo

5 Nick H via Google logo

5 Chris Tillis via Google logo

5 Wavotrade via Google logo

5 Brittany Sierra via Google logo

5 Donald Stone via Google logo

5 Kendal Bates via Google logo

5 Haylee Woods via Google logo

5 Daniel Bjork via Google logo

5 Peachy ASMR via Google logo

5 Rafael Munoz via Google logo

5 Lane Fletcher via Google logo

5 Chely C G via Google logo

5 Anthony Gaurdiola via Google logo

5 Alex Sanchez via Google logo

5 Daniel Estebane via Google logo

5 David Eaglebros via Google logo

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5 Ryan Balcom via

5 Shan Jay via