Deandra Grant Publications

Attorney Deandra M. Grant is the co-author of the Texas DWI Manual, offering legal advice to both clients and fellow attorneys. Deandra Grant Law has also put together this selection of legal publications to help you better understand your rights after a DWI or Criminal charge.

Books for Attorneys

The Texas DWI Manual is a comprehensive guide that walks DWI attorneys through every step of the DWI process, from arrest, to arraignment, discovery, trial, and the outcomes after the end of a trial and the case has closed. This manual has been a trusted source for defense teams, the court systems throughout Collin County, Dallas County, and the surrounding areas. It is published by James Publishing, one of the leading publishers of law books and guides since 1981. The Texas DWI Manual was first published in 2013 (1st edition) and is updated annually. The 4th edition was released in December, 2016.

Books for Clients

Deandra Grant Law offers both existing clients guides and legal advice for what next to expect when facing DWI charges. Founding attorney, Deandra M. Grant, is the author of the books. 

Additional Resources

Attorney Deandra Grant recently had an article published in Counterpoint: The Journal of Science and the Law entitled “An Introduction to Retrograde Extrapolation”. This is the process in which expert witnesses attempt to calculate what a person’s alcohol concentration was at a time in the past. You can download the article here.

In the News

Our lead attorney Deandra Grant has been featured in national and local media for her outstanding work in the DUI field.

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