Immigration Video Library

Can a green card holder bring a family member to the United States?

Appealing a denied immigration application

Bringing a same-sex spouse to the United States

Family Based Immigration

Bringing a sibling to the United States through family based immigration

Bringing grandparents to the United States


Documents required for family based immigration

Non-US citizen arrested

Getting out of ICE custody

How long does family immigration take?

Immigration Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

Mistakes of a an immigration case

Permanent Residency Adjustment

Relieving stress of an immigration client

Special provisions of spouses of U.S. Citizens

Sponsoring a family member who doesn’t have legal status

Will I get deported after a criminal case?

Admissibility offenses

Bars to becoming a US Citizen

Challenges of family based immigration

Can a family member work during a pending application?

Choosing an Immigration Attorney



Emotional state of an immigration client

Fiance Visa Application

Green card holder bringing relatives to the United States

Immigration Advisory

Immigration Advisory

Sponsoring a Spouse

Relieving stress of an immigration client

Removal-deportation hearings

Sponsoring a cousin or extended family member

Sponsoring a family member


What is a green card?

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