4 Reasons to Hire an Austin DUI Lawyer

You’ve been arrested for a DUI and you’re panicked. You can see your life slipping away.

Am I facing jail time? Will I lose visitation rights to my kids?

4 Reasons to Hire an Austin DUI LawyerTaking control starts with calling an Austin DUI lawyer.

An Austin DUI lawyer can help you see the possibilities, instead of just the problems. They can take away the uncertainty and fight for your best possible outcome.

Here are 4 reasons they should be your first call because Texas has strict DUI laws.

You Can Keep Your Licence

Losing your drivers license can hurt both your personal and professional life.

How am I going to get to work? Am I really going to have to take the bus/train? Can I even afford to pay for the transit pass, while I still make payments and insurance payments on a car I can’t use?

And what about my personal life? How am I going to get the kids to school? How am I going to run daily errands like going to the store?

Am I going to have to constantly ask my friends for rides? How humiliating.

An Austin DUI lawyer can help you keep your license and maintain your independence.

You Can Avoid Jail

This can be a scary prospect.

You’re terrified you will lose your job if you have to serve any jail time. And this can possibly keep you from getting any jobs in the future. You have to disclose this information, right?

It doesn’t have to be that way. An experience Austin DUI lawyer can help you get a reduced sentence and avoid jail time completely.

This isn’t Your First DUI

You should definitely speak to a lawyer if this isn’t your first DUI arrest. Even if you think it’s an open and shut case — and even if you pled guilty the first time.

The penalties for a second DUI are harsher, but they don’t have to be. Speak to a lawyer to find out all of your options.

You Killed or Injured Someone

This is when panic can really set in. If you have injured/killed another driver, cyclist or pedestrian, you absolutely need to speak with a lawyer right away.

These events can have a tremendous effect on you emotionally and you may carry trauma with you for a long time afterward. But you can keep things from getting even worse by working with a lawyer to limit the legal repercussions.

They’re experts in DUI law, and can help you reach a positive outcome, so you can move on from this unfortunate chapter in your life.

Ready to Speak With an Austin DUI lawyer?

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