5 Signs That It’s Time To Hire a DWI Layer in Texas

Did you know that there were over 25,000 DWI crashes in Texas? Many drivers caught driving under the influence assume that they don’t need to hire a lawyer to fight their case, but that is far from the truth.

Please continue reading below if you were caught driving under the influence and are wondering if you need to hire a DWI lawyer in Texas to handle your case. In this brief DWI guide, we will go over the top five signs that let you know that it is time to partner with an attorney to learn more about your legal options and who you can speak with for more information!

1. You Need Your Driver’s License

A prominent problem people face when receiving a DWI conviction is losing their driver’s license. This may not seem like a problem for some people if they have others they can rely on to get them where they need to go, but for most, it is a huge issue. Those who rely on driving a vehicle to get to work or to school need their driver’s license to move around the city.

If you try to fight your DWI case alone, you may not yield the results you need. Instead, you may want to reach out to a DWI lawyer in Texas to handle your case on your behalf.

They will negotiate with the court about getting your driver’s license back so you can continue driving a vehicle to wherever you need to go. Keep in mind that if you’re allowed to have your driver’s license back, you may need to install an ignition interlock device into your vehicle.

2. You Need Professional Advice

Another sign that you need to hire a DWI lawyer in Texas is if you need professional advice. Are you unaware of your legal options, and do you need help navigating what next steps to take?

If you do, you need to speak with an attorney for legal assistance. These attorneys have experience handling DUI cases similar to yours, and they thoroughly understand traffic laws and DUI laws.

3. You Have a Job

If you have a job or wish to seek employment but were arrested for driving under the influence, you may consider hiring a lawyer. Getting caught drinking and driving can damage your professional life because DWIs can stay on your record for at least six years.

You may have difficulty finding employment or keeping employment if you have a DUI on your record, especially if your job requires you to drive while on the clock. If you want to keep your record clean, you need to speak with an attorney to learn more about your legal rights. Depending on the facts of your case, your attorney may be able to have your DUI dismissed.

4. You Need a Reduced Sentence

If you’ve received a guilty verdict for your DUI case, you can work with an attorney to help reduce your sentence. Of course, depending on the severity of your situation and the circumstances surrounding your case, you may have a long sentence.

Texas takes driving under the influence very seriously, and your attorney won’t be able to overturn a judgment ruled by the judge. Instead, your attorney can work on your behalf to ask for a reduced sentence. As long as the other party is willing to reconsider, the judge may grant the plea from your attorney.

5. Your Case Requires Character References

To help build the best case possible, your attorney may need to provide you with character references. Character references are people who can back up your character by telling the court how trustworthy, honest, supportive, and wonderful you are as a person. If your attorney decides to use character witnesses, you want to ensure that they get the right people involved who can put you in the best light possible.

How To Find a DWI Lawyer in Texas

A quick online search for a DWI lawyer in Texas will provide you with an overwhelming amount of attorneys near you. The best way to narrow down your search is to look at the qualifications of a few different attorneys and schedule a consultation.

During your initial meeting with the lawyer, you can ask them questions about your case and what they believe the outcome of your situation will be based on the facts. If you don’t feel comfortable with the attorney, don’t feel obligated to sign a contract with them.

Read Their Reviews

Even after you meet with an attorney, you can check to see what other clients said about their experience with them through their reviews. You can utilize websites like Better Business Bureau, Google Reviews, or Avvo.

While you look into the lawyer, check to see their success rates on their websites as well. You want to ensure you work with an attorney with the knowledge, experience, and a great success rate.

Best DWI Lawyer in Texas

If you were caught driving under the influence and need help getting through your DUI case, you might want to speak with a DWI lawyer in Texas. There are several different signs that let you know that you need to work with an attorney to handle your case.

For example, if you know you need your driver’s license or you have a job you need to keep, you could greatly benefit from partnering with a DWI lawyer in Texas. If you need help battling your DWI case, contact us. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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