5 Things to Consider When Choosing a DWI Austin Attorney

The prospect of a DWI charge on your record is enough to send anyone in an anxious frenzy. But if you’re due in court, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. By having the best legal support system by your side, the law might actually help you out, not punish you. This support system comes in the form of a great DWI Austin attorney.

However, while a private lawyer functions as a fantastic ally, you might now know how to search for the perfect one for you.

So keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll cover five things to consider when choosing a DWI Austin attorney.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a DWI Austin Attorney1. Reputation

Before you employ the services of a DWI attorney in Austin, TX, you must be confident in their skills. Researching their reputation won’t only give you confidence about their expertise, but help you understand what their strengths are.

Google reviews are a great start. But when scouring through, don’t just count the number of stars each review has. Read through the reviews to help you understand what their strengths are and how much success they’ve had in the past.

Previous clients will indicate how much your prospective DUI attorney knows about the law and how much success they have in court. There are many great lawyers, but some may be better for you than others. Understanding your attorney’s strengths and successes can help you finalize your decision.

2. Experience With Cases Like Yours

In general, experience is crucial for a client to have confidence in their attorney. If you’ve got a pretty standard case, then finding an attorney right for you might be a fairly breezy task. But if your case is a bit unique, you want to find an Austin DWI attorney that’s had experience specific to cases like yours.

Of course, you probably won’t know if your case is unique or not. So it never hurts to ask the attorney in question whether your case is special.

Knowing the answer to this question isn’t everything, especially if your case is pretty tricky. But it can help you understand whether the attorney has already constructed a winning strategy for a case like yours.

3. Communication Compatibility

When wondering what to consider when choosing a DWI attorney, you might be surprised at the importance of a positive attorney-client relationship. This is still a professional relationship, but it’s one that’s crucial to your attorney’s ability to build a great case on your behalf.

That’s because feeling comfortable with your attorney allows you to speak to them more openly. The more open you are, the more you’re willing to share about your case. This is especially true for cases involving DUIs and DWIs, which may be a touchy and vulnerable subject for you.

So before you make your decision, schedule a meeting with your attorney. This doesn’t have to be a face-to-face interaction either. Even a phone call can help you decide whether you’re comfortable enough to communicate all the uncomfortable details of your case to your attorney.

4. Financing Options

Everyone deserves great legal representation. But the prospect of hiring an expensive private attorney might cause you to hesitate and opt for a public attorney. However, private attorneys can generally spend more time on your case, giving your case better and more special attention.

For this reason, it’s usually best to hire private attorneys if you want the best legal support possible. Despite this, your budget might make this seem like an unfeasible option. If that’s the case, ask your attorney about alternative financing options.

Most attorneys are pretty understanding about varying income brackets, and will probably offer you alternative payment methods themselves. Paying attorneys by the hour is most common, but you might be able to figure out a flat rate with your attorney. You could even arrange a payment plan with your attorney to distribute smaller payments over time, even after your case has closed.

5. Special DWI Training

An essential reason you should choose an attorney that specifically deals with DWI cases over a general attorney is because of the special training and certifications they receive. This is beyond simply understanding the letter of the law, and requires an active effort that separates general lawyers from those dedicated to specializing in DWI cases.

One such training requires your lawyer to be tested on the breath test machine. If they are, they’ll know whether the officers at the scene conducted a proper breath test. Your case might get thrown out completely if not.

Another is on drug recognition expertise. A qualified DWI attorney will know about different intoxicating drugs and how to build a good defense around your usage.

These are only a few examples of training/certification out of many. But they tell you whether your attorney has taken the extra mile to defend their clients. Instead of only having strategic prowess, you’ll know that they’ll do everything they can in advance to bolster your case.

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Having a run-in with the law can make plenty of people nervous. But with great legal help, you can make sure that the law helps you the best it can, not hurt you.

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