7 Questions to Ask Your DUI Attorney Austin

Did you know an average of 29 people die daily in the US due to drunk driving-related accidents? Well, this explains why driving under the influence is a serious offense in the country.

If booked for a DUI offense, you are in hot water. Drunk driving has dire consequences, including hefty fines, community service, license suspension, and lengthy jail sentences. The repercussions can worsen depending on the circumstance of your case and your criminal record.

Hiring a reputable DUI attorney in Austin will save the day. The attorney is adept with the DUI law and will get you a favorable outcome.

However, not every DWI attorney out there can help. So, how can you pick the best attorney? In getting the best DUI defense, the following are 7 questions to ask your potential attorney to determine if they are the right option.

7 Questions to Ask Your DUI Attorney Austin1. How Many Years Have You Been in Practice?

When choosing a DWI attorney, experience is the utmost consideration. Check for how long the attorney has been in the field to get all the benefits of DUI attorneys.

A highly experienced attorney, like James Fletcher Attorney, knows how to navigate the legal system and work out a favorable deal for clients. Also, the attorney might know the judges and prosecutors who are working on your case.

Check on the cases they have handled recently and their outcome. What’s their success rate?

Avoid being an experiment to DUI lawyers who just got started in practice; the stakes are too high.

2. Is There Anything Unique About My Case?

Having dealt with multiple cases, the potential attorney can tell you if there is anything unique about your case.

While they have a good track record, you want to check if certain details might vary your case results. If your case is somewhat different, the attorney may decide to take the case or refer you to another attorney.

Also, identifying how your case differs from other clients they have defended can help come up with a winning strategy.

3. Will You Perform Any Investigation on My Case?

A DWI Austin attorney can’t defend clients without a detailed investigation. They need to thoroughly review all the evidence and documents produced to support the charges facing you. These might include witness statements, police reports, blood tests, or breathalyzer results.

For a successful defense, the attorney will spend lots of time trying to get every detail and come up with a winning strategy in your case.

If a lawyer tells you your case doesn’t need an investigation, shun them; it’s a red flag.

4. What Defense Strategy Will You Use in My DUI Case?

Every DUI case is unique and has varied circumstances and facts. The right DUI attorney will come up with a strategy combining the facts of the case and your preferred settlement.

The DUI lawyer may decide to exploit any existing weak point in the plaintiff charges to your advantage. This may include some of the presented evidence being withheld by the court. A properly developed defense strategy can help to have the penalties minimized or even the case being dismissed.

5. What Are the Potential Penalties for My DUI Case?

Recently, DUI charges penalties have become more severe. Lawmakers aim to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities related to drunk driving.

If you are a first-time offender, then some of the penalties include suspension of license, fines, probation, counseling sessions, and even incarcerations. However, this won’t be the case for a third-time offender when the charges become a felony.

Depending on your criminal history, the attorney will advise the potential penalties and how to reduce or alleviate them

6. Will My Case Proceed to Trial?

While most DUI cases are settled out of court, there are situations where a fair settlement is not agreed upon, and the case proceeds to a court of law. In such a sitch, you want to know if the attorney will still represent and defend you.

Check the number of cases the attorney has settled out of court and those that have proceeded to trial. How many trial cases have they won? It would be preferable to have your case settled out of court as much as possible.

If the attorney cannot defend you in court when the case aggravates, it’s advisable to look elsewhere. The attorney you are picking should be willing and able to defend you in court if an out-of-court settlement is not possible.

7. Who Will Be Handling My Case?

You must engage with the attorney who will be handling your case. Some law firms will appoint senior partners to handle potential clients’ initial consultations. This aims to convince them how good the firm is at handling the case.

However, after signing that representation agreement, you get assigned another attorney.

You must ask from the very first appointment about the attorney you will be dealing with for your best interests. Check if there is a personal connection and establish a working relationship with the attorney.

It’s not bad at all to have your case delegated to a junior attorney, but you want to know them from the start. Ask about their experience and the recent DUI cases they have handled. To confirm the provided information, you might want to reach out to the previous clients.

Hire the Best DUI Attorney in Austin

Being arrested while driving under the influence is a stressful experience. However, you need to face the situation head-to-head informed and prepared as possible. To achieve this, you need a reputable DUI attorney Austin on your side.

Are you searching for a DUI attorney in Austin? At James Fletcher, we are here to help. With many years of experience, we offer clients top-notch defense to ensure they get a favorable result in DUI cases.

Contact us today for criminal defense consultations.

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