Attorney Buehner Represents man jailed for 200 days without being convicted

It seems a client of Attorney Laura Buehner had been incarcerated in a Dallas jail for seven months for misdemeanor criminal trespass without having been convicted of it.

Firm Name Changed to Deandra Grant LawThe man was apparently lost in the Dallas County criminal justice system. The county District Attorney’s Office claimed a clerk did not follow through with procedure. Buehner, who asked her client’s name not be used since she has been unable to reach him since his release, contended “There’s no instance in which this would be considered justice.”

The man, 37, had been arrested 27 times since 2009 for trespass, but after being arrested for the 28th time, the man was arraigned with no further action on his case for over 200 days. This is well over the maximum sentence which would have been imposed under county law for a trespass conviction which is only 180 days.

The man was released on January 9 of this year; Attorney Buehner remarked “I would not have probably been as gracious as he was, but he had a positive attitude,” adding “you know, he was happy with the outcome, but he was very clearly frustrated.”

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