Everyone Deserves a Second Chance: The Dallas County Memo Program

If you’ve recently been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, the attorneys at Hamilton Grant can help make sure this offense stays off your record without the burden of an arrest record attached to your background.

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The Pre-Trial Diversion/MEMO program is available for most nonviolent misdemeanor offenses such as Theft/Shoplifting, Drug Possession, Solicitation of Prostitution, and Failure to Identify when detained or arrested by a police officer. The application process is fairly straightforward, although acceptance into the program is not automatic or guaranteed. Also, there are a number of conditions that you have to meet in order to qualify for and successfully complete the program to get your criminal case dismissed.

As with most things in the criminal justice system, acceptance into the program isn’t free. You are required to pay a one time fee to the district attorney’s office and to the probation department, although sometimes your attorney can get the fees waived. However, you’ll be notified ahead of time if you’ve been approved for the program before you have to pay any money. After you’ve been approved for the program and paid your fees at court, you’re given a specific period of time to complete a set of conditions outlined in the program.

These conditions typically include drug testing, in-person classes similar to the type of classes you’d be required to complete while on court-ordered probation, and community service. You’ll check-in at court with your attorney and the court probation officer (usually every 30 days) until the conditions are complete. You’re also not allowed to commit any new offenses while enrolled in the Pre-Trial Diversion/MEMO program.

If you or a loved one have been arrested for a crime, you need an aggressive and experienced criminal defense team working for you to make sure that your arrest does not become a conviction.

Call the attorneys at Hamilton Grant today to make sure your rights are protected.

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