It can happen to anyone!

People sometimes ask me why I do what I do, why I practice the type of law I do, and why I represent the people that I do. “How can you defend people who are arrested for DWI?” I get that question a lot. Family members, friends, fellow attorneys.

It can happen to anyone!In short, the answer is that it can happen to anyone. DWI is one of the most common crimes in Texas and the United States. It is an action that many, many people have done in their lives, even if they were lucky enough to avoid arrest and prosecution.

The story above shows that no one is immune from the law. Good for HPD. Often times we hear about the “thin blue line” that protects police officers from arrest and prosecution for crimes they commit. This is not the case, at least it this case, when it comes to DWI. This officer is not an evil man. He is not a bad person. He has simply been arrested and charged with a crime. He deserves and is entitled to a vigorous defense against the accusations he is facing. As criminal defense lawyers we have an obligation and duty to stand up for those that cannot stand for themselves and fight the charges levied by the Great State of Texas.

It can happen to anyone. In my practice I have seen citizens accused of DWI ranging from as young as 18 to 80, and across all imaginable professions. A DWI arrest is a serious charge requiring a serious defense. This firm can, has, and will continue to defend the citizens of Texas against the awesome power wrought by the State.

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