Will a DWI First Offense Ruin Your Life?

About 13% of weekend, nighttime drivers had marijuana in their systems within a single year. The chances of fatalities increases as marijuana use continues to rise. In fact, marijuana users are 25% more likely to get into a crash than sober drivers.

Were you recently pulled over after driving under the influence (DWI)? A DWI first offense could have a bigger impact on your future than you realize.

Will a first-time offense ruin your life? Keep reading to find out. After reading this guide, you can call the best DWI attorney in the area.

They’ll help you fight the charges.

With their help, you could protect your best interest and future.

Read on to learn more about what happens after a DWI today.

Will a DWI First Offense Ruin Your LifeHow a DWI First Offense Can Impact Your Life

The number of drivers with drugs in their system has increased by 16.3% since 2007. The number of drivers with marijuana in their system has increased by 50% in that time.

Driving under the influence can impact your motor coordination, reaction time, and judgment. Your impaired judgment could lead to a serious crash. In addition to intense injuries, someone could even die as a result of your negligence.

For many people, an initial DWI offense will only lead to misdemeanor charges. Some situations can turn a DWI first offense into a felony, though.

For example, an offense can turn into a felony if you’re driving with a child in the vehicle.

If someone is hurt or killed, the charges could get more serious, too. In these situations, it’s important to call a DWI attorney right away. They can help you fight the charges.

Otherwise, here are a few consequences that could impact your life.

Your Finances

A DWI can impact your bank account more than you might realize.

For starters, the DWI will remain on your record. Your auto insurance rates will rise as a result. You’ll have to deal with the increased rates years after the charges are filed.

You’ll lose your license for a period of time if you’re convicted of a DWI, too. During that time, you might need to look for alternative modes of transportation. You might have to pay more than usual to travel around town.

You’ll need to pay the necessary fees to get your license reinstated, too.

After a DWI arrest, your car might end up impounded. You’ll need to pay fees at the impound lot to get your car back.

You might have to deal with having an ignition interlock device installed on your car, too. Even after you get your license back, you’ll have to deal with these consequences. You’ll even need to pay maintenance fees for the interlock device.

The most common consequences of getting charged with a DWI include DWI school and fines.

You’ll need to attend courses, which could cost a few hundred dollars. Otherwise, you might not get your license reinstated.

You’ll also need to pay fines to cover state and court costs.

Before you start the process of fighting a DWI charge, talk with an experienced DWI lawyer. They’ll help you evaluate your options. They might even help you avoid some of these expenses and consequences.

Your Career

A DWI first offense can impact your career, too.

If you’re convicted, you’ll have to spend time in jail. Your prison sentence will cause you to miss work. You could lose your job as a result.

Some employers complete background checks as well.

If you’re not honest on your application, the employer might decide not to hire you. They might even consider you a liability.

Remember, you might lose your license if you’re convinced of a DWI, too. Without a mode of transportation, you might struggle to make it to work. If you drive for a living, you might need to consider a different career path altogether.

Your Education

Some career paths require you to continue your education to further your career. You might struggle if you’re convicted of a DWI, though. Some colleges don’t accept students that have a DWI on their record.

Other institutions accept these students, but don’t allow them to apply for financial aid. You might struggle to afford these classes as a result.

If you can’t take the classes you need, you might struggle to continue your career.

Some jobs might require you to earn a professional license, too. These include doctors, nurses, and lawyers. If you’re convinced of a crime, your license might get revoked.

Your Travel Plans

If you’re convicted of a DWI first offense, you might have issues traveling abroad. Some career paths require you to travel for work, too.

Unfortunately, some countries won’t allow you to visit if you have a DWI on your record.

Take Action

If you’re charged with a DWI, don’t hesitate to contact the best DWI attorney in your area. They can help you fight the charges.

First, make sure to choose a lawyer who specializes in DWI cases. Their experience and expertise could benefit your case. They likely have a strategy in mind for getting the charges removed, too.

Ask them about their track record with similar cases as well. The lawyer’s track record will indicate their abilities. If they haven’t successfully helped clients like you in the past, look elsewhere.

Consider scheduling a case consultation appointment with a DWI defense attorney in your area. They can evaluate the details of your case.

With their help, you can avoid these DWI consequences and take control of your future again.

Protect Your Future: Understanding How a DWI First Offense Will Impact Your Life

A DWI first offense can have a major impact on your life. Don’t wait to call the best DWI attorney in town. With their help, you can fight the charges.

They’ll help you take back control of your future.

Want to discuss the specifics of your case with an experienced DWI defense attorney? We can help.

Contact our team today to get started.

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