7 Signs You Need a DUI Lawyer in Austin

Unsure of paying for a DUI lawyer?

Whether or not to hire a lawyer is a tough question for many people facing DUI charges. On the one hand, a lawyer could help bring about a better outcome for everyone involved. On the other hand, they might not. And then your hard-earned cash is wasted.

Luckily, there are lawyers out there that you can be sure will provide quality legal support, whether this is your first DUI or not. And, it’s possible to know when it’s time to reach out to that lawyer.

Here are seven signs that you should give them a call.

7 Signs You Need a DUI Lawyer in Austin1. You Need More Information

While there are many, many lawyers in Texas that do different things–close to one hundred thousand–they all know much more about the law than the average person.

Anxiety often comes from not knowing what’s about to happen. In a DUI case, it can cause mega-worry. A lawyer can help calm your nerves, plain and simple.

With solid legal counsel, you can be sure of what just happened, what’s happening now, and what will happen. It’s well worth the investment. Not convinced? Here are some more specifics.

2. A Field Sobriety Test was Refused

You have a legal right to refuse any sobriety tests. However, by doing so, it’s possible to open up a Pandora’s box of legal consequences. Have you refused one?

If you’ve refused a sobriety test, call a lawyer to let them know what happened. They can tell you what steps you should take now, and how you can get out of any potential traps.

It’s not that you’ve done anything wrong. The issue is that you could end up with a result you’re not satisfied with.

3. An Unsatisfactory Sentence

Depending on each case, punishment for DUI can range from a fine to serious prison time. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, it’s possible you won’t feel satisfied with the end result.

Retrials are not always possible, but with legal help, a better outcome is often within reach. But, you can only achieve that with the legal help of a DUI lawyer.

If you’re interested in getting another sentence, don’t dive in alone. Talk to a lawyer, who can explain the risks associated with a retrial and the potential outcomes you can experience.

They can explain the perfect contexts to demand a new sentence. And they can tell you when to just accept things as they are.

4. It’s Not Your First DUI

Every year in Texas, there are quite a few DUI’s. In fact, there can be as many as 100,000, depending on the year.

That doesn’t mean that 100,000 different people are getting arrested for driving under the influence. In fact, a significant chunk of that number comes from double dippers, people who’ve gotten arrested once and find themselves in a police car.

Are you in that category? Then it’s even more important for you to have legal support.

The penalties get harsher for second-timers. That means your defense needs to be more sturdy than ever. Hiring a lawyer can be the perfect way to bolster your legal presence, especially if the situation is even more serious.

5. There was a Serious Accident

Serious accidents up the ante more in a DUI case, for obvious reasons. If you were involved in a DUI case where someone was seriously hurt, you need a DUI lawyer.

The prosecution will be intent on proving your fault in the accident. The legal maneuvers they use could potentially be more aggressive and complex, which makes it less likely you’ll be able to

And, if you are clearly at fault, it’s important to be able to negotiate the guilt properly.

6. Plea Deal Negotiations

Many cases have the potential to drag on. While every case is different, the culprit is often the same: plea bargaining. Are you worried your case will enter bargaining?

In a case where you’re clearly guilty, the system still needs to figure out what the punishment will be. These are plea deal bargains, an outcome in many cases that can mean wildly different things.

Due to the wide range of possible outcomes of a plea deal, it’s important to have the right people on your side of the negotiation. These negotiations tend to dive deep into the weeds, focusing on legal analysis that you really can only know if, well, you’re a lawyer.

Coincidentally, it makes sense that a lawyer can be key in those moments.

7. You’re Wondering: Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you haven’t jumped at any of the previous points, it’s still possible a lawyer is right for you. Do you find yourself wondering if you need one or not, based only on gut instinct?

In that case, you should reach out for a consultation. Most quality law firms are more than willing to provide a preliminary legal analysis of your case for no cost.

If the call goes well, think about why it did. Was it because your one question was answered, and now you’re good to go? More likely is that the knowledge and assurances of a lawyer were comforting to you.

Simply put, a DUI lawyer can, in some cases, act as a safety net. That’s not to say you’re guaranteed any outcome in any case with a lawyer. But, they can get you to the best result possible.

Sometimes, that’s the best thing you can hope for.

Consider a DUI Lawyer

At the end of the day, only you can know whether or not it’s appropriate to contact a DUI lawyer. Luckily, figuring that out should be much easier now.

If you’ve decided you need an attorney, we’re more than ready to provide the support you need. DUI and DWI are common enough in Austin that you should not feel like this is the end of the world.

In fact, it’s likely that when this is over, you’ll end up in a situation that’s better than you predicted–and definitely better than the present.

Interested in our services? Contact our team to get started on your case today.

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