Attorney Huff Featured in Voice for the Defense

We are pleased to announce that Attorney Douglas E. Huff’s article ‘Transportation Code 709.001 DWI Superfines‘ appeared in Voice for the Defense magazine.

Attorney Huff Featured in Voice for the DefenseThe feature discusses the repeal of the Texas Driver Responsibility Program (DRP) and the enactment of Transportation Code 709.001. The DRP had assessed a surcharge to those convicted of driving while intoxicated offenses committed before September 1, 2019. Attorney Huff notes that while it appears that the ‘superfine’ imposed by Transportation Code 709.001 replaced the DRP, significant differences exist that separate the two.

First, the ‘superfine’ can be imposed only if the defendant received a final conviction for DWI, meaning they were sentenced to incarceration and not only placed on probation (although a person’s conviction may be final if they violated the terms of their probation).

Second, the DWI superfine law includes provisions for waiving the fine for individuals who are indigent. The statute enumerates specific criteria the defendant must meet to be eligible for a waiver.

Lastly, the ‘superfine’ applies to convictions that occurred after the DRP was repealed – September 1, 2019 – and should not be imposed on anyone who received a final conviction before that date.


Attorney Huff is a military veteran with extensive legal experience. After graduating from law school, he helped law students prepare for the state bar. Later, he served as a lead attorney with the Dallas County Public Defender’s Office. In 2016, he joined Deandra Grant Law and is our team’s Senior Trial Attorney. He handles misdemeanor and felony cases and does so with unmatched passion and zest.

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