Common Signs of a Drunk Driver

Police need to have probable cause to stop a driver. Let’s discuss what driving behaviors may lead police to pull you over for suspected DWI.


Common Signs of a Drunk Driver1. Swerving

Alcohol makes your vision blurry, slows your reaction time, and weakens your motor functions. All of these effects can lead a driver to swerve on the road. If police see your vehicle swerving sporadically and for no reason, they will likely pull you over to investigate.

2. Speeding

Alcohol also makes individuals more prone to take risks. This can lead to excessive speeding while driving. Speeding could also be unintentional if the intoxicated driver isn’t aware of how fast they are going or is focused on other things.

3. Ignoring Road Signs

This traffic violation may also be an indication that the driver is intoxicated. If you breeze through stop signs or ignore other road signs, the police will likely stop you.

Once You Have Been Stopped

After the police have pulled you over on the side of the road, they will be looking for more signs of intoxication.

Some indicators of impairment include:

  • Slurred speech
  • Clumsiness
  • Glossy eyes
  • The smell of alcohol or other drugs coming from inside the vehicle

If the police believe that you are under the influence after your initial interaction, they may ask you to participate in further breath tests and/or field sobriety tests. Under implied consent laws, you are required to take a breath test when asked. If you don’t, your license will be suspended for an extended period of time. Field sobriety tests, however, are always voluntary. We recommend never participating in field sobriety tests, even if you are sober.

Texas DWI Defense

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