COVID-19, Shelter in Place and Domestic Violence

If you live together, don’t hit each other. Otherwise, you risk “social distancing” from your own home when arrested by the police. This, essentially, is the consequence of an arrest for Assault Family Violence in Texas.

COVID-19, Shelter in Place and Domestic ViolenceAs more and more individuals are spending their time cooped up at home due to the “coronavirus pandemic “ – whether working from home, being laid off from work, or being ordered to “shelter in place” by local government – arrests for family violence are increasing across Texas.

Financial worries, relationship issues, and the constant bombardment of negative headlines from news outlets and social media can all contribute to extremely high levels of stress. This can lead to anger and explosive arguments with your significant other which can evolve into physical violence. Imagine spending 24-hours a day stuck at home with someone who constantly watches cable news, you found out last week he/she is cheating on you and having to ration toilet paper and hand sanitizer with them, as well!

Don’t let stress lead you to make a bad decision. The police will still respond to emergency calls for domestic complaints, which usually results in someone being arrested. The consequences of being arrested for Assault Family Violence are severe. After being arrested, it may be difficult for you to be released from jail because your family can’t afford the bail money to get you out. Also, more and more courts are shutting down or limiting their operations due to the coronavirus outbreak, and it may take days for you to even see a judge. And, after you do see a judge, get your bail set, and finally get released, most bail conditions prohibit you from coming within 500 feet of the residence where the alleged assault occurred.

That’s right – your home is now a prohibited location for you to enter while your family violence case is pending. Where would you live if you weren’t allowed to re-enter your home for the next 60 to 90 days after being arrested? The consequences of an Assault Family Violence charge can’t be overstated, especially during this difficult time. If you or a loved one are charged with Assault Family Violence, you need an aggressive and experienced criminal defense team working for you to make sure a heated argument turned physical doesn’t result in devastating consequences. Call the attorneys at Hamilton Grant today to make sure your rights are protected.

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