Things You Should Know in Order to Beat a DUI Case

Despite our better judgment, we all make horribly boneheaded mistakes from time to time. It’s just that some mistakes lead to you winding up in hot water with the law.

The act of driving under the influence, or committing a DUI, is at the top of any such list.

But, once you’re in it, wishing won’t make it all go away. So what do you do?

If you need help figuring out how to get out of a DUI, there are some things that you should know at the outset when dealing with an intoxication charge in Texas.

Things You Should Know in Order to Beat a DUI CaseHow to Get out of a DUI

Just to be clear at the outset, there is no “getting out” of anything willy nilly. What there are, however, is a diverse set of defenses tailored to specific situations in regards to DUI arrests in Texas.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, remain calm. The results you will get in your DUI case really depends on your specific circumstances and whether you hire competent counsel who knows how to deal with these matters appropriately.

The first thing to keep in mind is that regardless of who you choose to represent you, nothing is guaranteed, and conviction remains a possibility until the case is completely done. In the alternative, there are plea agreements, acquittals, and dismissals, any of which is possible in your case.

The Circumstances of Your Case May Give You a Strength

As stated previously, every single case is wildly different, no matter how similar the initial facts are.

For example, did you take the breathalyzer?

Were you on camera?

Did you refuse a field sobriety test?

Were your Miranda rights read to you properly?

All of these factors, depending on their answer, could be potential avenues for you to make your case.

DUI charges get knocked down to lesser offenses all the time. There is no such thing as a copy and paste DUI scenario. Prosecutors will try to attach a charge to you that was intended to be narrowly interpreted and jam your conviction right through it if you are not careful.

Plea Deals Are Not Always so Bad

When dealing with a DUI case, these types of charges run rampant through the criminal justice system. Prosecutors hate to deal with them, and judges hate to adjudicate them. They are, in general, a strain on the efficiency of the courts.

With that said, plea deals are often contemplated in lieu of going to trial and both sides risking complete loss. Even in the event that you didn’t do it, sometimes the trouble of trying to clear your good name isn’t worth the headache.

Be wary though, if you have substandard counsel, they may just try to stick you with the first plea deal the prosecutor gives them. Be sure you get an attorney that will work aggressively for you.

It All Comes Down to Competent Legal Work

Yes, when we boil it all down, there is no surefire way to learn how to get out of a DUI. But, in the end, those with knowledge on their side usually wind up on top.

This means the importance of getting a trial tested attorney cannot be overstated. The same case tried by a lesser attorney might yield you a conviction, whereas a good attorney could have gotten you off completely.

A quality DUI attorney is an investment. Contact us today for your case evaluation.

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