DWI Attorney in Austin: Why You Should Not Represent Yourself in Court

About 28 people die each day in alcohol-related car accidents. Because these circumstances are so hazardous, it’s only right to expect serious blowback if you get charged with a Driving While Impaired (DWI) penalty. These issues are handled based on different state laws, so if you live in the Austin area, it’s important that you get to know the tips that’ll help with your defense. So, what is a DWI attorney? Should you represent yourself in court? The tips below will let you know why hiring a DWI attorney in Austin is the better option.

DWI Attorney in Austin Why You Should Not Represent Yourself in CourtDWIs Can Have Serious Penalties

DWI cases have too many serious possibilities at play to ever try to represent yourself.

In Texas, you can be subject to fines of $2,000 to $10,000 or can include jail time between 3 days and 10 years. Because your future is on the line, you’re better off hiring legal professionals who have dedicated their careers to helping people in your shoes.

The Stigma Is Long-Lasting

Hiring a DWI attorney is essential because the ramifications of these cases extend much further than just the legal penalties. There are stigmas at play with a conviction, including trouble finding future employment and being turned down for rental applications.

Choosing a DWI attorney that can represent you is one of the best ways to avoid this stigma over the years.

The Cases Can Become Complex

You’ll need to hire the help of a lawyer because it takes a serious legal professional to deal with the complexities.

A DWI case comes with some preliminary burdens of proof that need to be satisfied for the charges to be sustained. Examples of burdens of proof that need to be satisfied include proving that:

  • You were the person behind the wheel
  • You were operating the vehicle with an elevated blood alcohol content (BAC)
  • The elevated BAC is accurate
  • The vehicle was operated in a public place

Even simple details require evidence and proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. Putting DWI attorney tips to use will help you handle your case effectively.

You Likely Don’t Understand Etiquette and Options

Court cases always involve etiquette that lawyers understand by nature of their profession. The last thing you’d want to do is represent yourself and not understand procedures, or accidentally offend the judge or jury by overlooking etiquette.

Having a lawyer gives you the benefit of silence since you will have a legal professional that can speak for you and look after your interests.

Find a DWI Attorney in Austin

Take heed to these tips so that you can find a DWI attorney in Austin. This DWI attorney guide will give you a solid foundation so that you can link up with the best professionals for the job.

We’re happy to help you out if you’ve been charged in one of these cases.

Deandra Grant Law can help you with whatever type of DWI case you’re dealing with. Use our web form to contact us, or call us at (512)279-6600.

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