6 Common Myths About Hiring Attorneys

About 10.22 percent of Texas residents have been involved in a drunk driving accident at some point in their lives. DWI charges have been issued to 24.14 percent of Texas drivers for drunk driving. So, are you facing a DWI charge in Austin, Texas? If this is the case, the financial burden may be the least of your concerns. In addition to a huge fine and increased insurance premiums, you may face a jail term and the loss of your license. Your first action to take should be to hire a DWI Austin attorney.

6 Common Myths About Hiring AttorneysHaving a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer on your side can assist you in navigating these critical next steps.

It’s critical to have access to correct information as you prepare to resent your case. There are numerous myths and misconceptions that never seem to die. People learn these from misinformed friends and websites with questionable fact-checking, and most of the time, they take them at face value.

Here are the 6 common DWI attorney hiring myths.

1. Any Lawyer Can Handle a DWI Case

This is a common misconception where people assume that they can just hire the first attorney they come across if caught with a DWI offense.

The fact is that not all attorneys are fit to handle a DWI case. Lawyers choose to specialize in different legal areas for various reasons.

One reason is that legal experts specialize in different legal areas to be the best. Legitimate matters are incredibly complex.

There’re several regulations that determine the verdict and the interpretation of the case. Only an attorney specializing in DWI cases can understand the case’s complexity and explain it in simpler terms to everyone else.

Specializing in this legal area will help prepare a lawyer well for a DWI trial.

Hiring an attorney specializing in this specific area gives you access to a network of other experts. Most DWI lawyers have a network with forensics and substance specialists. This simplifies the legal process if forensic professionals need information or testimony.

2. You Don’t Always Have to Hire a Lawyer

Representing yourself in court may seem like a good idea when you want to save on legal costs. Another reason why people think representing themselves is better is that they stand a high chance of being found innocent.

However, although many people believe in this myth, it’s not recommended. Hire an attorney to handle your DWI case because of their legal experience.

A lawyer with experience knows the practical steps to take when in the courtroom. Their many years in the industry equip them with strategies to help in your case.

Hire a DWI attorney because you’re too emotionally invested in your case. When representing yourself, there is the risk you may become angry, defensive, and upset when the evidence or charges are presented to the court. This may affect the jury’s decision.

3. It’s Better to Hire an Expensive Attorney and Higher Charges Guarantee Better Services

Many people have the belief that expensive attorneys are better. Different aspects determine how much a lawyer will charge for their DWI legal services.

Some will charge based on their experience. Lawyers’ performance in DWI cases may also determine how much they ask for. Others charge for services based on the location of their offices and the law schools they attended.

There’re lawyers with experience and reputable performance, but they still choose to charge affordably. This is because they’re considerate of their client’s income, among other aspects.

In the industry, non-profit organizations accept to do pro bono cases. This doesn’t mean they’re bad at their work. They’re just out to help and offer quality legal DWI services.

Don’t be fast in choosing an expensive attorney and expect a definite win with your matter. How the attorney presents your case determines the success of the case.

4. Hiring an Attorney Will Get You off the Hook, and You Won’t Go to Trial

DWI attorneys have to work within the framework of the law. A code of ethics binds them; hence cannot break the law to get you off the hook.

People have acquired this misconception from watching so many movies and shows.

However, an attorney with knowledge and experience can help speed up the case by following the right legal procedures. They fight hard for you to ensure that every charge against you has either been dropped or reduced.

Other people believe that hiring an attorney means they’ll not have to go to a trial. This is a common myth among people who hurry to solve their cases.

5. Failure to Answer the Police Officer Makes You Guilty

It is your right to stay silent while getting arrested for DWI charges. The arresting officer has no right to force you to talk or answer questions.

Besides, it doesn’t matter if you look guilty to the arresting officer. Only the court has the right to decide whether you’re guilty.

Based on this information, apart from telling the officer your name and your address, feel free to remain silent. This will help you avoid incriminating yourself. You can as well choose to tell them you’ll only speak in the presence of an attorney.

6. Most People Accused of DWI are Guilty, and No One Wins DWI Cases

Some DWI attorneys and the general public believe this is a common myth. If you talk to legal experts and say they believe you are guilty, don’t hire them.

The fact is, the breath tests are not 100% accurate. A skilled legal expert can attack the breath test evidence. Due to machine unsophistication, they may give the wrong evidence.

Several people also know that no one ever wins these cases. An experienced DWI lawyer can win these cases, and the accused freely walks out of the court.

Hire a DWI Austin Attorney Today

Don’t allow the above-listed myths to hinder you from searching for the best DWI Austin attorney. Your only responsibility is to look out for their experience, area of specialization, and reputation. If you hire a lawyer based on these aspects, you have a guarantee of a favorable legal outcome.

Are you looking for a DWI legal representative? Contact us today to book an appointment.

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