DWI Austin Attorney: How to Choose the Best One for You

Every 50 minutes, one person dies in a motor vehicle crash involving an alcohol-impaired driver. That’s 29 people every day. About 1 million drivers were arrested while driving under the influence of narcotics within a single year, too.

If you were charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI), make sure to find an experienced DWI Austin attorney right away. They can fight to have your charges dropped or reduced. You could avoid serious consequences that might impact your future as a result.

Without their help, you might have to face jail time, a fine, or time with a revoked license.

DWI Austin Attorney How to Choose the Best One for YouIt’s essential that you find an experienced, knowledgeable, capable attorney. Here are a few tips that can help. With this DWI Austin attorney guide, you can simplify your entire search.

Otherwise, you could risk hiring a lawyer who lacks the ability to have your charges dropped.

Start building your defense with a lawyer you can depend on. Hire the best attorney in Austin with these tips today.

1. Gather Local Referrals

First, talk to friends, family members, and coworkers. Ask your inner circle if they’ve hired a lawyer in the past few years.

If they have, determine why they hired an attorney. Make a list of law firms in the area.

Then, determine if each law firm specializes in DWI cases. Look for law firms with lawyers who dedicate time to relevant casework.

If you know someone who faced DWI charges in the past, contact them first. Take the time to learn about their experience, too. They could help prepare you for the road ahead.

If you’re struggling to gather local referrals, begin searching online instead. You can visit your local bar associate website to get started. Check the Martindale-Hubbell law firm directory, too.

Make a list of Austin DWI attorneys you can research further. Then, use the rest of these DWI Austin attorney tips to narrow down your choices.

2. Look for Experience

Research each DWI Austin attorney on your list. Take the time to learn more about their professional history. For example, how long have they practiced law?

Consider how long they’ve practiced in Austin or Texas as well.

It’s important to find a DWI attorney with years of local experience. Some laws and procedures can differ based on where the case is filed. A local attorney will understand the laws that could impact your case.

Try to find someone who has practiced law for a few years. They’ve likely learned from their previous case experience.

If any of the lawyers on your list passed the bar within the last year, scratch them off your list.

Once you find a number of experienced attorneys, make sure their experience is specific to your needs. Consider how long each lawyer has specialized in DWI law.

You might find a number of lawyers with more generalized experience. These attorneys might not have intimate knowledge relevant to your case. Someone who specializes in DWI cases, however, will.

3. Consider Their Casework

About 10,142 people died from drunk-driving crashes in a single year. These cases likely involved wrongful death charges. As you search for a DWI Austin attorney, consider the previous cases they’ve handled.

Find an attorney with experience that’s relevant to the parameters of your case.

For example, if someone died as a result of the crash, you’ll need an attorney who has handled DWI wrongful deaths in the past. They’ll have a better understanding of the laws relevant to your case.

They’ll also know of previous cases that might help them build your defense.

As you learn about the previous cases they’ve handled, consider their track record, too. How many DWI cases have they handled over the years? Ask how many of those cases they won versus lost.

Consider how many cases like yours they’ve won in that time, too.

As you use this DWI Austin attorney guide, focus on finding a winning attorney. You can feel confident in their abilities to build your defense. Someone with a weaker track record, however, might drop the ball.

Consider reaching out to a James Fletcher attorney. Our prior case experience and proven track record can benefit your case.

4. Check for Special Qualifications

It’s not enough to find an attorney with experience. Determine if any of the lawyers on your list have special qualifications, too. Their training and expertise could strengthen your defense.

For example, you might find a lawyer who completed National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Student and/or Instructor Standardized Field Sobriety Test courses.

Some lawyers are certified by DWI organizations. Perhaps they scheduled a DWI ride-along with a local officer as well.

Their experience and expertise can help them build a winning defense strategy.

5. Request References

Ask at least three different attorneys on your list for references and reviews. Try to speak with a few of their recent clients. Ask each client about their experience with the attorney.

What was the outcome of the client’s case? Were they satisfied with the lawyer’s defense strategy?

Check online for reviews as well. You can find reviews on the attorney’s website, BBB profile, and Google My Business listing. Reading reviews will help you find a reliable, trustworthy attorney.

6. Discuss Your Case

Schedule a consultation appointment with two or three lawyers on your list. Discuss the specifics of your case. Then, ask each attorney what outcome they anticipate.

Choose a lawyer who is upfront and honest about your situation. They shouldn’t provide guarantees. After all, they can’t anticipate exactly what will happen.

Ask them what defense strategy they’ll use, too.

7. Consider Pricing

Ask the lawyers you interview about their fee structure. Gathering more than one pricing estimate can help you determine the average price. Consider what’s included with each estimate, too.

Don’t choose the cheapest lawyer you interview. You’ll likely pay more for a more experienced lawyer.

Instead, choose someone capable of winning your case.

Start Searching: 7 Tips for Choosing the Best DWI Austin Attorney

Choosing the best DWI Austin attorney shouldn’t feel as stressful as the case itself. Instead, use these tips to streamline your search. With these tips, you can find a lawyer capable of building your defense.

With their help, you can reduce the charges and potentially avoid jail time.

Ready to build your defense? We’re here for you.

Contact us today to get started.

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