DUI Attorney Austin: Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring One

Have you been charged with a DUI? Being charged with a DUI is stressful and confusing, especially if you were involved in an accident.

You risk getting your driving license revoked or face a heavy penalty in such a case. In getting yourself out of this mess, it’s better to hire a DUI attorney. A DUI attorney in Austin will help you get your license back.

They will also help you get your sentence reduced and save you cash. However, you have to hire the best DUI lawyer to reap such benefits. Be warned; there are lawyers out there who are unqualified and inexperienced.

It will be quite hard to get your case dismissed or get your license back if you hire such lawyers. Besides, such lawyers will cost you money and never get the expected results.

To increase your chances of picking a qualified DUI lawyer, you have to ask the right questions. So, do you know the right questions to ask before hiring a DUI lawyer? If not, worry no more.

DUI Attorney Austin Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring OneHere is a guide on the top questions to ask before hiring a DUI lawyer

When facing DWI charges, you are likely to be anxious, upset, and fearful of the impact of these charges on your reputation. With penalties for driving under DUI being severe nowadays, you will need a DUI lawyer with an in-depth understanding of DUI cases.

Thus, before hiring a lawyer, you must ask them the number of years they have been practicing law and specializing in DUI cases. A lawyer who has been practicing law for more than five years is familiar with Dui laws and knows the loopholes that exist.

Ensure to ask the lawyer the number of cases they have won and how many are pending. The best lawyer is who has won most of the DUI cases and has a few still pending.

What Kind of Special Training Do You Have?

DUI cases are quite complicated, and not just any lawyer can handle them. A lawyer must have acquired training in handling DUI cases. Thus, before hiring a lawyer, ask them where they got their training.

A DWI Austin Attorney who has acquired training from reputable training institutions is the best. Apart from training, the lawyer must be certified by DUI organizations such as the National College for DUI defense.

Thus, ask the lawyer which organization they are certified by and whether they are still taking any special training.

Ensure to ask the lawyer if they have taken the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration test courses. If they have, they might be the right for the job

How Much Will You Charge Me?

It’s pretty hard to determine for sure how much a case shall be until the final day. It’s better to inquire how James fletcher attorney will charge you, to avoid getting a fee that you were not ready for,

Your lawyer can charge you an hourly are or a flat fee. If you need special representation, you may have to pay additional fees.

While asking for a fee estimate, ask them to break down the fee structure for you. This will help you determine each item charged by the lawyer.

If a lawyer charges a flat rate, ensure to ask what will happen if unexpected expenses arise.

What Is the Scope of Representation?

When hiring a DWI Austin attorney, you expect them to represent you in court. They have to acquire as much evidence as possible to build a strong case in your favor.

Besides, they have to make sure you know your legal rights and remedies during court proceedings.

However, apart from court representation, you need to ask your lawyer whether they will represent you at the DMV. DMV cases are more administrative and will involve your suspended license.

If your lawyer will represent you, ensure to ask how much they will charge. Depending on their policy, they might charge an hourly rate or flat rate.

How Will Communication Work Between US?

DUI cases can make you feel stressed and anxious. Thus, to be at peace, your lawyer has to keep updating you on the progress of the case and your rights.

Besides, the lawyer should advise you on what to say or not say during court proceedings to avoid jeopardizing your case. For this reason, you have to be in good communication with your lawyer.

Thus, before hiring a lawyer, ensure to ask how you can communicate with them. The best lawyer should have a reliable means of contacting them, such as an email or an office where you can visit them.

What Is Your Reputation?

Even if a lawyer does not offer quality services, they are likely to protect their reputation. Thus, when asking this question, you should focus on how the lawyer will answer the question.

A lawyer who offers quality services is likely to have a list of referrals who you can contact and inquire about their cases. Besides, a lawyer who has a reputation for winning cases will have written evidence of the number of cases won and those still pending.

If a lawyer tries to avoid the question involving their reputation, you should be concerned. Ensure to read reviews, especially those on third-party sites such as Better Business Bureau, to determine the reputation of a law firm.

Hire the Best DUI Attorney in Austin Today

Finding a qualified DUI attorney in Austin to help you with your case and get your license back is challenging. However, selecting an experienced and reliable DUI lawyer becomes easy by asking the right questions.

Ask the above top questions before hiring a DUI lawyer and get it right.

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