How to Choose the Right Austin Attorney to Handle Your Criminal Case

Did you know that filing for criminal defendants in the U.S. rose 8% to 81,553? Are you currently looking to have an experienced attorney handle your criminal case?

This article will pinpoint how exactly to choose the right Austin attorney. Read on to discover these key points and what exactly to look for to make sure you’re ahead in your criminal case.

How to Choose the Right Austin Attorney to Handle Your Criminal Case1. Experience

When you’re looking for an Austin attorney, it’s important to find one who has experience in your criminal case. An expert criminal defense lawyer can easily handle your case and defend your case in the trial room.

You’ll want someone who not only has many cases under their belt, but they have detailed knowledge of the different processes and legal terminology. Each case is unique and different, so you’ll want someone who will treat your case with experience and ease.

Make sure to have a look at their website and see if they specialize in criminal law.

2. Arrange a Consultation

Before choosing an attorney in Austin, first, arrange to have a face-to-face consultation. Determine if you feel confident in their analysis of your case and their skills. A consultation isn’t binding, so it’s a great way to see if an attorney is the right fit for you.

Along with them wanting to make a good impression, you’ll want to make a good impression as well, so go in for your meeting with proper documents and information that could help shine a light on your case.

Bring a list of co-defendants, witnesses, and victims. This will also help make sure there’s not a conflict of interest for the case. Ensure you make copies and keep the original documents safe where they won’t get lost.

Be Honest

During the consultation, anything you share will remain confidential, so be honest. Any questions the lawyer might have for you, make sure to answer honestly as well.

It’s completely normal to feel embarrassed to admit mistakes that you made, but it’s vital for them to give you an honest assessment. Remember, a lawyer isn’t there to judge you but to make sure they can help you and that you’ll have a fair trial.

3. Know the Fee Structure

It should be clear how much they will charge so there are no surprises. They should go over how exactly they’ll bill you, and some charges you could expect. While it might be tempting to go with the least expensive attorney, you’ll always want to choose quality over a lower price.

While the price is a factor, ensure your lawyer will have the experience necessary to handle your case. You’ll want to figure out how much money you can put toward your defense.

Consider the amount of time you could face in jail if you’re convicted. If you won’t face time, or you have a clean criminal record, then you might not want to spend so much and avoid putting your family in a financial situation.

How are your family resources? What do you have available as far as liquid assets and cash? Are there assets that you can sell? You’ll want to get the maximum possible for your case.

4. Research Skills

When looking at Austin law firms, try to find one who has good investigation skills. You’ll want someone who is very thorough in investigations so nothing is missed. Find someone who knows where to look when investigating.

Find out that their research is accurate and proven true with the sources listed.

5. Ask Questions

Before meeting with your potential attorney, prepare a list of questions you’ll want to ask during the consultation. Make sure that you bring the questions with you so you won’t miss any questions.

There are a variety of questions you can ask. You can ask the attorney what trial strategy they would recommend. Also, ask about negotiations and plea bargains.

Ask about any other alternatives for your case. Make sure you ask them why they feel they’re best suited to handle your case. Ensure you ask about the payment schedule and any fees so you’re aware of the cost.

Also, ask for a list of similar cases so you can see the results of those cases.

6. Ask for Recommendations

While it’s a good idea to ask your friends and family for recommendations, remember that who you choose should be after you’ve completed all of these steps.

If you decide to ask others for words of recommendation and they didn’t know you were being charged for a crime, keep in mind that they will now know. Everyone wants something different as far as communication style, so find if that attorney matches what you’re looking for as well.

Keep a list of the attorneys they recommended and keep that list handy.

7. Take a Look at Their Website

Once you have your potential list of attorneys, you’ll want to visit their websites. Pay attention to the presentation of their website and see if there are any spelling and grammar mistakes. You’ll want someone who has a professional presentation.

While looking at their website, see if they have relevant experience handling cases similar to yours.

8. Listen to Your Gut

After you’ve met with a few attorneys, it’s time to make your decision. Consider all of the above such as their experience, fees, and how comfortable you felt overall.

Pay attention to which lawyer you felt more comfortable speaking with. Also, remember who seemed the most confident and sincere. Avoid anyone who guarantees instant results.

What to Look for in an Austin Attorney

While looking for an Austin attorney can be stressful, it’s vital you factor in this guide when choosing which lawyer will fit your case the best.

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