Personal Injury Law Basics: What Every Citizen Should Know

Are you interested in learning more about personal injury law?

Every U.S. citizen and resident should know the basics of personal injury law. Each year, personal injury law preserves each person’s right to live a life free from harm that comes about due to negligence. Familiarizing yourself with personal injury law helps you know when you should hire a personal injury lawyer.

So, what is personal injury law? Below, we’ll go into everything you need to know. Keep reading to learn more and increase your knowledge of how personal injury law works!

Personal Injury Law Basics What Every Citizen Should KnowWhat Is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law is a category of civil law that allows people to sue others for injuries they received. Because it’s not a part of criminal court, the plaintiffs won’t go to prison if they lose their case. Instead, they will have to pay the defendants an agreed-upon amount of money.

If you believe criminal charges are warranted, you should pursue a criminal case as well. U.S. law allows you to file cases in both the civil and criminal court systems.

When you file a civil lawsuit, you and your lawyer will need to establish that the other party has violated a duty to keep you from harm. You don’t need to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, though. Rather, you’ll just need to provide information supporting your legal claims.

But what qualifies as personal injury law?


Accidents comprise the most common form of personal injury case. Often, people who file personal injury cases have been in car or work-related accidents. Those who become injured on someone else’s property also qualify for this type of lawsuit.

People who become involved in accidents turn to a personal injury lawsuit when they need a legal remedy. Often, workers’ compensation or automobile insurance companies don’t offer adequate settlements. A lawsuit helps people get the money they need to properly recover from their injuries.

Many car accidents come about because of intoxicated driving. If you have a criminal DWI charge, learn more about getting a DWI Austin attorney.

Medical Malpractice

Have you been the victim of medical malpractice?

Whenever a doctor fails to adequately care for their patients, they’re committing malpractice. Malpractice might include neglect or using techniques most doctors would agree are improper. When proving malpractice occurred, your lawyer will gather opinions from other medical professionals to establish that the doctor should have provided better care.

Intentional Actions

Were the other person’s actions intentional? If so, you can still file a personal injury lawsuit.

Intentional harm is still a violation of every person’s legal duty to not hurt anyone. So, whether you’re the victim of fraud, assault, or another intentional act, you can benefit from a personal injury case.


If someone has ruined your reputation with false information, call a lawyer and start your personal injury case.

While everyone has the right to freedom of speech, U.S. civil law recognizes that defamation can lead to personal harm. People who pursue personal injury cases against the person or group who defamed them can get financial compensation.

Need to Hire an Attorney?

Now that you know about personal injury law, you’re ready to hire a great attorney.

The lawyer you choose matters. You want someone with the right mixture of experience and passion for your case. You should also look for an attorney who has taken cases like yours before.

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