The Benefits of Hiring a Reputable DWI Lawyer

About 1.5 million people get arrested annually for intoxicated driving in the US.

If you’re charged with driving while intoxicated, you risk hefty fines or jail terms. Also, DWI charges can affect your criminal record, career, insurance, immigration, and more.

Thus, you need to get the charges reduced or dismissed if you’re facing a DWI. For you to achieve this, it’s important to work with an experienced DWI lawyer.

DWI attorneys are highly trained and skilled in helping individuals dealing with a DWI. The attorney will help you know your rights and possible consequences. Also, they’ll offer legal advice to help you avoid the harsh consequences.

The Benefits of Hiring a Reputable DWI LawyerRead on to learn the key benefits of hiring a DWI lawyer.

Relevant Experience

DWI felonies are complex and severe. Hence, they require higher experience and skills to be adequately handled.

If charged with a DWI, hire a professional lawyer to offer you legal assistance. Experienced lawyers are well-versed with DWI laws and know how to navigate DWI cases. They can help lessen your charges and prevent your license’s suspension.

Having handled DWI cases, lawyers have a close relationship with the prosecutors. Thus, they can work together and negotiate a fair deal for both parties. This increases the odds of facing lesser charges.

With their experience, Austin lawyers avoid errors that can derail or damage your case. They comply with the requirements and laws that govern DWI cases. This streamlines and expedites your case saving you time and money.

DWI cases involve a lot of paperwork that needs to be filled correctly and submitted on time. Experienced lawyers know the procedures for filing documents and can avoid mistakes. Also, they keep an eye on the deadlines to ensure there are no late submissions that can ruin or delay your case.

Collect and Preserve Evidence

Collecting convincing evidence for your case can be difficult, especially if you DIY. Without experience, you might not know the suitable sources for quality evidence.

However, with a DWI attorney, evidence collection becomes a cinch. They relieve you of the burden of gathering evidence, as they do it on your behalf. Attorneys know the type and accuracy of evidence needed to get your charges lowered.

DWI lawyers have access to the resources that can provide the best evidence for your case. They know how to gather evidence in an efficient and timely manner. These attorneys have the best tools for acquiring evidence to speed up the process.

The type of evidence DWI attorneys collect includes:

  • Video footage of your driving and actual arrest
  • Incident reports filed by the responding officers
  • Blood or breath tests providing evidence of intoxication levels
  • Evidence of machine testing calibration
  • Eyewitnesses’ statement and all other supplementary evidence

Besides collecting all the evidence, they send a preservation of evidence letter. This is mainly done on some evidence like video footage captured by a third party and lab tests. Also, they file a request to obtain evidence, such as police reports.

Since evidence collection requires ample time, DWI attorneys start the process early. This ensures they don’t rush the process and overlook crucial matters. Also, it prevents overrunning deadlines that can cause adverse effects on your case.

Examine and Challenge Evidence

DWI lawyers examine the evidence held against you by prosecutors. This ensures prosecutors use relevant evidence to prove the alleged crime.

When examining, Austin attorneys pay attention to details to catch any illegal evidence. They identify adverse witnesses that exaggerate their statements to prove your case. Afterward, they make an argument to ensure such statements aren’t used against you.

These lawyers investigate to determine if the police had probable cause to stop you. If they didn’t, they ensure the evidence collected after the stop isn’t admissible in court.

DWI attorneys also examine the results of the chemical tests done to determine BAC. They investigate to see if strict guidelines were followed when conducting the tests. If they weren’t, the DWI lawyers ensure the evidence isn’t allowed in your case.

To suppress illegal evidence, DWI attorneys file a motion in court. During this motion, they give valid reasons why the judge should block that piece of evidence.

If the motion succeeds, the evidence is eliminated from the case entirely. This means prosecutors can’t use it to make an argument against you. This increases the chances of getting a successful outcome from your case.

Help Get Your Driving License Back

The police might take your driving license when you’re arrested for driving while intoxicated. After that, the license suspension takes place fourteen days after your arrest. If you don’t file for a temporary driving permit within that day, you can lose your license.

However, with an experienced DWI lawyer, rest assured you’ll get back your license. They work hard to protect you from the inconvenience of driver’s license suspension.

DWI lawyers help you file a formal review hearing for your license suspension. During the hearing, they challenge the DMV’s evidence to dismiss your case. This helps you win back your driver’s license and move on with your normal life.

Professional lawyers can also help you obtain a hardship license if yours has already been suspended. This license helps you drive when going to school, work, or the hospital, so you don’t face difficulties if there are no other means of travel available.

DWI attorneys can help you reinstate your license after the suspension term. They know the requirements for getting a license reinstated after suspension. They help you meet the requirements to speed up the reinstating process.

Protect Your Reputation

If you get arrested in a DWI case, you can irreparably damage your reputation. This can ruin your professional life, hindering you from securing job opportunities. A bad reputation can damage your current job, as your work license can be suspended.

DWI conviction might also destroy your relationship with friends and family. They might distance themselves from you due to a bad reputation.

However, you protect your reputation from getting tarnished with a DWI lawyer. They defend you and ensure your name doesn’t get into criminal records.

These lawyers scrutinize your case and build a criminal defense strategy. Even if the breathalyzer shows you were driving while intoxicated, they’ll challenge the evidence.

They’ll argue that the test was faulty, giving false results. This can result in lighter sentences or complete case dismissal.

If after the case proceedings you’re found guilty, they opt for a plea bargain. They can negotiate for you to pay fines to keep your information private. They might also request you serve community service to keep your name off the criminal records.

Avoid Ignition Interlock Devices

If you face a DWI conviction, you might get ignition interlock devices installed in your car. These devices come with harsh consequences that can ruin your peace.

Ignition interlock devices can produce false-positive readings. This can happen due to mouthwash, cinnamon, baked goods, and cigarette smoke. These readings can prevent you from operating your car and cause severe penalties.

Once the interlock devices are put into your car, all users should contend with using the device. Whether your friends or family, they must use the device to operate the vehicle.

This can be annoying, and they might be tempted to avoid blowing into those devices. If they do so, you might suffer severe consequences for interlock violation. Interlock violations cause ten years or lifetime license revocation.

Prevent High-Risk Insurance Premiums

DWI convictions make insurers charge you more premiums than other drivers. They consider you a higher risk for car insurance as you’re more prone to accidents than others. To offset the risk, they overcharge those classified as high risk.

Besides, a DWI conviction can make you get an SR-22 certificate. This certificate shows that your insurance covers minimal liability requirements for your state. So if an accident occurs, you might experience a financial burden, as you’ll be liable for the damages.

But with a competent lawyer, you can avoid the exorbitant costs of a DUI conviction. They negotiate for a favorable deal and ensure you don’t face harsh penalties. They protect your legal rights and ensure the prosecutors don’t violate any.

Sometimes, your insurance provider might decide to cancel your coverage. If this happens, you’ll need to find new coverage, as it’s illegal to operate a car without insurance. DWI lawyers negotiate with your insurer to avoid canceling your insurance policy.

Saves You Time and Money

Hiring an experienced Austin lawyer saves you time and big bucks. They have close relationships with the judges helping to speed up the legal process.

Lawyers know the turns and twists that can arise when handling DWI cases. So they identify them in advance and correct them before derailing your case.

This streamlines the case, giving you peace of mind. DWI lawyers protect your reputation to keep your job and secure better ones in the future.

Choosing a DWI Lawyer

While a DWI lawyer can create a strong defense to mitigate consequences, not just any can help. You’ll need to work with a seasoned DWI attorney who is reliable and reputable. Picking the wrong attorney not only costs you money but can risk your freedom.

Thus, when searching for a DWI attorney, know what to look for and how to go about the process. Pick an attorney who will minimize charges or even get your case dismissed. Check out the following tips on choosing a DWI lawyer to get you started.

Ask for Referrals

With unlimited options out there, finding the right attorney can be overwhelming. It’s impossible to navigate through all the options and pick the one to guide and represent you. To narrow down your options significantly and make the task easier, ask for referrals.

Utilize your inner circle of family and friends who have dealt with a DWI lawyer before. Inquire about their experience with the lawyer and if they would recommend them. Note down the names of the various Austin attorneys and their contacts.

Regardless of how good a referral seems, avoid making them your final choice before doing research. Take all the names through a background check to confirm they’re truly the best option for you.

Check Their Experience

Ensure the lawyer you pick has been in the field for years with proven results. Also, DWI laws are complex and change from one state to another. Thus, pick a local lawyer who has been in practice for years.

An experienced lawyer has dealt with numerous cases before. They already have in-depth knowledge of the tips and tricks on how to help their clients off the hook. Also, they know the loopholes to exploit to ensure your charges are dismissed or reduced.

Before you settle on any DWI attorney to hire, ask how long they have been around. Also, check the number of cases they handled during that period and their success rate.

Consider Reputation

Before making your final choice, check on the reputation of the potential DWI lawyers. Get to know what their previous clients say about them. Were they satisfied with the services offered, and did they get the expected results?

Read reviews online and check client feedback to learn more about their reputation. Avoid any attorney or firm with multiple negative reviews or ratings.

Hire a DWI Lawyer Today

DWI charges can have severe short-term and long-term consequences. If you’re facing these charges, it’s invaluable to work with the best DWI attorney to avoid risking your liberty. A top attorney can negotiate a lenient verdict to ensure you don’t lose money or freedom.

Are you looking for a DWI lawyer in Austin? At James Fletcher Law, we’re here to help. We have the resources, knowledge, and experience to fight and win your DWI case.

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