Douglas Huff’s DWI Article in Attorney at Law Magazine

Douglas Huff, a partner at Deandra Grant Law, recently published the article “Texas DWI Superfines” in Attorney at Law Magazine. In it, he discusses the impact of the state’s decision to remove the DWI Surcharge in 2019, due to the repeal of the Texas Driver Responsibility Program. This surcharge used to be a possible penalty that a court assessed over three years in certain DWI cases.

Douglas Huff’s DWI Article in Attorney at Law MagazineHuff’s main points in the article cover:

  • The immediacy of the change in law and how it impacts individuals who previously had to pay for it and future DWI convictions
  • How the new transportation code requires a final conviction or jail sentence
  • What the court must do if they determine that the defendant is indigent

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