Top-Notch Representation: The Best Attorneys to Hire When You Get a DWI

DWI charges in Texas were down in 2019. Last year, 97,539 people were charged with a DWI, down from 98,349 charges in 2018. At the same time, the number of people released with no charges after a DWI arrest fell by nearly half.

Texas is getting stricter when it comes to DWI convictions. So when you get arrested for a DWI in Texas, you need the best DWI attorneys around.

But you may be wondering: how do you even find the best DWI lawyers? And once you have your list of attorneys, how could you every choose between them? We’re helping you answer both of these questions with this handy guide.

Are you ready to find out why Austin, Texas DWI attorney James Fletcher is the perfect person to argue your case? Then keep reading for everything you need to know about the best DWI attorney in Austin.

Top-Notch Representation The Best Attorneys to Hire When You Get a DWIChoose a Lawyer with the Right Expertise

Would you hire a heart surgeon to operate on your brain? No! That’s why you should always make sure the attorney you hire is the right kind of lawyer to handle your case.

How do you know what a lawyer’s specialty is? You can always ask. Or you can visit their website.

For example, the best DWI attorney James Fletcher advertises his specialty on the homepage. That way, you’ll never have to wonder if we can handle your case.

Choose a Lawyer with Experience

Expertise isn’t the same thing as experience. Some lawyers claim to have expertise in DWI cases. Yet, only 20% of the cases they try are focused on DWI charges!

During your initial consultation, don’t be afraid to ask your attorney how many DWI cases he or she has tried.

James Fletcher may offer three legal services— criminal defense, DWI, and personal injury. But he’s Texas’ best DWI attorney for a reason. No one has secured as many client DWI acquittals as James Fletcher, so you know you’re in good hands.

Choose a Lawyer from Your State

The US uses a Federal system, which means each state’s laws are different. You don’t want to choose an attorney who doesn’t get the DWI statutes in your region.

Instead, look for a lawyer from your jurisdiction. Better yet, choose an attorney who was born and raised in your region.

James Fletcher was born, raised, and educated in Texas. He practices in Austin and surrounding areas. If you find yourself arrested for a DWI in or around Austin, Texas, do yourself a favor and call the best DWI trial attorney in the state.

Stop Searching for the Best DWI Attorneys

So, you got popped for a DWI in Austin and are looking for the best DWI attorneys. Look no further than James Fletcher. James Fletcher has the expertise, experience, and regional knowledge to get you off.

Ready to schedule your consultation? Get in touch with Austin’s best DWI attorney today!

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