After Your DWI Arrest – Tip #3

Do not drink alcohol while on bond for a DWI.

After Your DWI Arrest - Tip #3It may have been ordered as a condition of your bond but even if it was not, the best practice is to abstain from alcohol until your case is no longer pending. We have seen many clients get arrested and charged with alcohol-related offenses when they have a pending DWI.

If you think you may have a problem with alcohol, please discuss it with your Collin County DWI attorney. They may want you to obtain an alcohol evaluation from a licensed counselor and follow through with any recommendations regarding treatment.

Be proactive when facing a DWI charge in Collin County. Contact an attorney experienced in handling DWI cases. Our office focuses on defending intoxication-related offenses in Texas.

Call Deandra Grant Law at (972) 943-8500 to schedule a time where we can sit down and discuss your situation.

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