After Your DWI Arrest – Tip #2

Comply with any bond conditions ordered by the judge who set your bond.

After Your DWI Arrest - Tip #2If there was an accident, a breath alcohol result 0.15 or greater or if you have had prior DWI’s, the judge may have ordered that a deep lung device (DLD) be installed on any car that you drive. You MUST contact the Bond Supervision Department within the timeframe noted on your court order and set up an appointment. You will be required to have the unit installed on your car and provide proof to your bond supervision officer. You will also be required to report in and pay a monthly supervision fee while your case is pending.

We sometimes have clients who were involved in accidents and no longer have a car to drive. In that case, your bond supervision officer will likely order that an alcohol monitoring device be installed in your home instead of your car. You will be required to blow into this device at specific times in order to demonstrate that you are not drinking alcohol while on bond.

Failure to comply with bond conditions can lead to your bond being held insufficient and a warrant being issued for your arrest.

Be proactive when facing a DWI charge. Contact a Collin County DWI attorney experienced in handling even the most difficult DWI cases. Our office focuses on defending intoxication-related offenses in Texas.

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