How to Get Your Driver’s License Back After a DUI in Texas

Are you wondering how you can get your driver’s license back when you’ve been convicted of a DUI in Texas? If you have lost your driving privileges, it’s important to know what the process is when working towards a texas driver’s license renewal.

Losing one’s license is often one of the most stressful parts of the DUI process, as it can limit you from going about your day as you did before the incident. Keep reading to learn what to expect from the driver’s license renewal process so that you can figure out how you should proceed for the best results.

How to Get Your Driver’s License Back After a DUI in TexasThe Suspension Timeline

After a DUI, your license could be suspended for up to a year if it is your first offense. If this is not your first DUI, the suspension could be longer. There are a few other factors that could extend your license suspension timeline, such as if there was an open container in the vehicle, or if there was a small child in your car.

Contesting or Appealing Your Suspension

After suspending your license, the arresting officer will issue you a temporary driving permit which will include the steps to contest the suspension. If you believe your license was suspended out of circumstances that were unfair, you can hire a DUI attorney to help you defend your rights in court. A hearing will then be scheduled and your attorney can testify on your behalf.

The judge will also hear testimony from anyone else that is pertinent to your case, including the arresting officer. Using these details, the judge can issue a decision on your suspension and its duration. You can also choose to appeal your suspension altogether.

If you want to appeal your license suspension, you must do so within 30 days of your suspension. Your case will then be reviewed in court to determine if there is ground for you to get your license reissued.

Reinstating Your License

If you do not choose to contest or appeal your license suspension, there are still certain steps you need to take to get your driver’s license back again. You should first make sure that you understand the specifics of your case and the details of your suspension. You will need to pay off certain fees associated with your offense while also completing some compliance items before getting your license back.

There will also be license reinstatement fees that you will need to pay to restore your license. You can work to apply for a provisional license as you work to get your license reinstated which will allow you to drive for essential purposes.

How to Get Your Driver’s License Back in Texas

If you have just been convicted of a DUI and are wondering how to get your driver’s license back, keep the details in this guide in mind so that you know how to best proceed based on your own unique case.

Are you looking for an expert DUI attorney to defend you in court? If so, contact our office today to get started.

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