3 Qualities of the Best DWI Lawyers in Texas

Here are the facts…Driving under the influence is one of the top 5 reasons for arrests in the United States, and Texas ranks in the top 8 for criminal penalties. That is why you must know the facts about hiring a DWI lawyer in Austin before it is too late!

Not all lawyers are created equally, and with this simple guide, you will learn exactly what you need to know when hiring a DWI lawyer. These are the 3 qualities you need to look out for when hiring a DWI attorney in Austin.

Let’s take a look!

3 Qualities of the Best DWI Lawyers in TexasUnderstanding the Difference: DWI vs. DUI

DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence, and DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated. In Texas, the terms DUI and DWI are used interchangeably. However, in certain cases, a person under the age of 21 will be charged with a DUI, specifically, and that is because they are not legally allowed to have any substance in their system whether they be intoxicated or not.

Regardless, getting charged is not a matter to be taken lightly. Even for a first-time DWI, you could be fined and spend up to 180 days in jail. Having a reputable DWI lawyer on your side is essential.

Here are the qualities you need to look for when hiring your attorney.

1. Experience

You might have had a good experience with a and lawyer in the past; however, that does not mean that they are the right fit for a DWI. When hiring a lawyer, you will want to ensure that they have extensive training and experience handling DWI cases in Texas.

The more experience they have, the less likely you will be charged with a DWI. Look for an attorney with a solid track record in the field, not just the most affordable. In any case, hiring a lawyer is cheaper than dealing with the mess of a DWI on your record.

2. Communication

There are a lot of moving parts in terms of legal cases. There will be many laws and regulations that will be hard for you to interpret and understand. A reputable lawyer will help you navigate the case by communicating everything that is going on in a way that you can understand.

Additionally, they should have good communication with you in general. You want someone on your side that is easy to reach and available when you have questions.

3. Local

An Austin based DWI lawyer is your best choice when searching for an attorney. Keeping your options limited to local lawyers is the right course of action because they are well-versed in the laws surrounding your DWI. A local attorney will be familiar with judges and formalities in the vicinity, which can help get the charges dropped or reduced.

Finding a DWI Lawyer in Austin

These are the 3 qualities that you must look for when searching for a DWI lawyer in Austin. Finding a reputable attorney will save you in more ways than one!

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