5 Questions to Ask Your Austin DWI Lawyer

There is a lot of confusion about DWI (driving while intoxicated) versus a DUI (driving under the influence). Put simply, both refer to operating a vehicle without normal mental or physical functionality due to drugs or alcohol.

These two sound similar but have differences and have a huge impact on the outcome of when facing the judge.

Have you recently received a DWI conviction? If so, you’re probably wondering what to do next, who to talk to, and what you’re going to face.

Ask an Austin DWI lawyer the right questions and you’ll gain a complete understanding of your rights.

5 Questions to Ask Your Austin DWI LawyerThese questions could include:

1. Do you have qualifications and experience?

Use this question to understand if your lawyer is board certified to practice law in the state of Texas. This will tell of their rigorous training and real experience necessary to practice.

Also, ask about their success rates with past clients and cases. A good tip-off is whether they’ve taken cases to trial versus offering plea bargains.

2. What are your rates?

A DWI can cost tens of thousands of dollars due to the fines and penalties. Legal fees and an increase in auto insurance will also add to this amount. However, high legal fees for representation shouldn’t add to the mix.

Consultations are typically free.

If consultation does cost a fee then it’s likely you’re talking to an Austin DWI layer that’ll command big bucks to take your case. Do your research before pairing up with one whose offer sounds concerningly high.

3. What should I expect?

A DWI is a serious offense and not one to take on with unrealistic expectations.

Your Austin DWI lawyer should be able to provide a realistic picture of what you can expect at the outcome of your case. This prepares you for what happens once the judge has made their decision and will give you time to prepare and adjust.

4. Who’s handling my case?

You could be talking to a lawyer referral service without knowing. You might even be handed over to another lawyer that’s not even in the district!

You want a lawyer that’s represented in the local courthouse that knows the judges and administration. There’s little to gain by hiring a lawyer that doesn’t show up to your case.

5. What are the options?

Not all DWI cases go to trial.

Talk to your lawyer about the possibility of taking a plea deal or undergoing a DUI diversion program. This one question could mean the major difference between how your case is settled.

An Austin DWI Lawyer You Can Trust

If you’ve been convicted, there will be myriad considerations at stake.

Your age will play an important role in the charge and penalties here in Texas which has a zero-tolerance policy toward both DUI and DWI charges. Both are illegal but harsher penalties are given to those above the age of 21.

The zero-tolerance policy means that it can happen to anyone so think before you get behind the wheel. Feel free to get in touch to know your rights and get the defense you need from an Austin DWI lawyer who’s got your back.

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