7 Tips for Choosing a DWI Attorney in Austin, Texas

About 29 people die in the US daily due to drunk-driving crashes. According to the NHTSA, there were over 50,000 fatal car accidents in 2019, with around 19% of the drivers being under the influence of alcohol.

DUI cases have dire consequences like license suspension, fines, or jail sentences. Repercussions might worsen depending on your criminal record or the circumstance of your case.

The prospect of a DUI charge on your record is enough to send you into an anxious frenzy. But, if you should appear in court for a DUI case, don’t lose hope.

Having a DUI attorney Austin residents trust by your side will help win your case. Though private Texas attorneys function as fantastic allies, you should know how to choose the perfect one for your DUI case.

7 Tips for Choosing a DWI Attorney in Austin, TexasKeep reading to know the seven tips for choosing a DUI attorney in Austin.

1. Reputation

Before hiring the services of a DUI lawyer, ensure you have confidence in their skills. By researching their reputation, you will know their expertise and understand their strengths.

Checking Google reviews will be an excellent starting point. But, when going through them, don’t just count the stars on each review.

Ensure you read each review to know the DUI attorney’s strengths and past successes. Previous clients will also state your prospective DUI lawyer’s level of knowledge and their court successes.

There are great lawyers out there, but some might be better for your case than others. Understanding an attorney’s successes and strengths will aid you in finalizing your decision.

2. Communication Compatibility

A positive lawyer-client relationship is important when choosing a DUI lawyer in Austin. Though it’s still a professional relationship, it’s crucial to your attorney’s ability to build a good case on your behalf.

Being comfortable communicating with your lawyer will ensure you’re speaking openly. That way, you will be willing to share vital details about your case.

That’s especially crucial for DUI and DWI cases, both of which can be vulnerable and touchy subjects for you. Ensure you schedule a meeting with a DWI Austin attorney before choosing one.

Note that it does not have to be a face-to-face meeting. A phone call can also help you decide if you feel comfortable enough to communicate details about your case with the lawyer.

3. Experience With Cases Like Yours

Finding an attorney right for you is an easy task for a generally standard case.

But, if you have a unique case, you should find a DUI attorney in Austin that has experience specific to such cases. You might not know if you have a unique case.

It doesn’t hurt to ask the lawyer in question whether your case is special. Note that knowing the answer to that question isn’t enough, especially if your case is tricky.

It helps to understand if the lawyer has developed winning strategies for cases like yours in the past.

4. Financing Options

You deserve great legal representation. But, hiring an expensive private DWI lawyer may make you hesitate and settle for a public attorney.

But, private attorneys spend more time on your case, giving it better and more special attention. For that reason, it’s best to hire a private DWI Austin attorney if you need the best legal support possible.

Despite that, your current budget may make this an unattainable option. If that’s the case, ask about alternative financing options.

Most DWI attorneys will offer you alternative payment methods. Though paying by the hour is the most common attorney’s payment method, you can decide on a flat rate with your attorney.

Also, you can arrange a payment plan where you commit to paying a certain amount of money for an agreed period.

5. Special DUI/DWI Training

Ensure you choose a DUI/DWI attorney over a general attorney. That is so because of the special training and certifications DUI attorneys usually receive.

That’s beyond just understanding the law; specializing in DUI/DWI cases requires dedication. The different pieces of training and certifications tell you if your lawyer will go that extra mile to defend you.

Your attorney will do their best in advance to strengthen your case.

6. Get a Case Assessment

Before hiring a DUI lawyer, ask them to provide you with a basic case assessment. They should let you know what kind of outcome to expect, how they will mount a defense, etc.

In this case, you will better understand your DUI Austin attorney’s thoughtfulness and professionalism.

7. Take Your Time and Look for Referrals

Ensure you request your hearing within 15-days of your arrest. That way, you will have at least 3-weeks to hire an attorney. Never hire a DUI attorney under pressure.

Be wary of lawyers with unbelievable promises like, “we always win.” High-pressure legal experts often view their clients as easy money.

Begin by inquiring from your friends and family about recommendations for DUI defense attorneys. Ensure you trust the people you’re asking for recommendations.

Consider Hiring a DUI Attorney Austin Trusts

Appearing in court for a DUI case makes most people nervous. But, the best DUI attorney Austin, will ensure you have a high chance of winning your case.

Do your due diligence when selecting an attorney in Austin. There are many factors to juggle here, and your decision may have big implications for your life.

At Deandra Grant Law, we specialize in criminal defense and DUI defense. We understand the importance of great legal support for our clients.

We are located in Fort Worth, Dallas, Allen, Denton, and Austin, Texas. Contact us today to get the best DWI legal representation.

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