Ask an Austin DWI Lawyer: How Many Drinks Does It Take to Get a 0.08% BAC?

In Texas, the blood alcohol level limit for Driving While Intoxicated is 0.08 BAC. How many drinks will take you over that limit?

There isn’t a set formula to make a certain guess of your blood alcohol content. This number may vary from person to person. Two people might consume the same drinks and not have the same BAC.

A blood alcohol level chart might give you an idea but, these aren’t accurate. There are several factors that influence your blood alcohol content. Not sure how to know how many drinks can take you over the 0.08 BAC limit?

An Austin DWI lawyer recommends that you take into consideration the following factors to estimate your blood alcohol level:

Ask an Austin DWI Lawyer How Many Drinks Does It Take to Get a 0.08% BAC1. The Amount of Alcohol in Your Drinks

Not all drinks contain the same amount of alcohol. Sometimes even the same drink can have different amounts of alcohol when ordered at different bars.

The alcohol in your drinks will vary the most when you’re drinking more than only beer. A good rule of thumb is being mindful of how these drinks have affected your body in the past.

2. Your Weight and Body Type

Your weight and body type can determine how many drinks can take you over 0.08 BAC. There isn’t a set formula because alcohol affects your lean muscle mass.

A person that weighs 180lbs will have a lower BAC than a 140lbs person drinking the same amount. Yet, every person has their own alcohol tolerance that will determine their blood alcohol level in combination with other factors.

3. Gender

Scientific research has shown that women process alcohol at a slower rate than men. In general, women will have a higher BAC level compared to a man who’s drinking the same amount.

4. How Long Were You Drinking?

Did you have all your drinks during a one hour period? If the answer is yes, you should keep in mind that your BAC might be higher than you expect. The faster you drink, the quicker your blood alcohol content will increase.

Besides the negative effects of chugging, it can skyrocket your BAC in no time. This drinking practice can throw your body into shutdown due to the inability to process alcohol. It’s recommended that you spread your drinking over a period of time to prevent going over 0.08 BAC and a dangerous intoxication.

5. Did You Eat While You Were Drinking?

If you drink without eating, your body will absorb the alcohol quicker, increasing your BAC faster. It’s recommended that you eat while drinking to minimize the effect of alcohol.

This can help you keep your BAC under the 0.08 limit. Keep in mind that you should take into consideration the other factors we discussed to estimate your BAC.

Can an Austin DWI Lawyer Help You?

Yes, an Austin DWI lawyer can help if you’re pulled over and don’t know your blood alcohol content. You might be able to estimate your blood alcohol level, but it can be risky. Before taking any BAC test, you should contact a lawyer for advice and representation.

If you estimate your blood alcohol content, take the BAC test, and go over the 0.08 BAC limit, the authorities will use this evidence against you. Either way, it’s important to have someone in your corner who has your back.

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