FSA Certification

Forensic Sobriety Assessment trains and certifies professionals in DWI/DUI enforcement and defense. FSA certification requires working knowledge of the scientific principles and research relating to sobriety testing in a DWI / DUI stop, including:

FSA CertificationThe scientific literature on indications of intoxication such as red eyes and slurred speech

NHTSA’s Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs)

Testing concepts: Reliability and validity

Diagnostic statistics: False positive rates, sensitivity, specificity, etc.

Experimental design issues relevant to sobriety test studies

Statistical concepts such as correlation, statistical significance, and effect size

Visual science pertaining to the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) sobriety test

The scientific literature on sobriety tests other than the SFSTs

FSA Certification is the most advanced credential available to DUI professionals in behavioral sobriety assessment. Ideally, all attorneys, judges, and police officers who deal with DWI cases would be knowledgeable about these topics. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) trains police officers to assess intoxication, it does not provide training in important scientific topics or differential diagnosis, and does not address the many criticisms of the tests. FSA Certification is available to those who demonstrate proficiency by passing examinations in seven of the eight content areas (the module on statistical significance and effect size is currently optional). I have been meaning to take the course for over a year but finally got around to it this past month. I can’t say enought about the course. With all of the training I’ve had in SFST’s, I still learned new things regarding the various studies and the unacceptable false positive rates for sober drivers. I never cease to be amazed that this voodoo is allowed into courtrooms and cloaked with legitimacy. After passing all 11 exams, I am proud to now be FSA certified. You can check out Dr. Rubenzer’s program at http://www.forensicsobrietyassessment.com/.

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