Blood Alcohol Content Forensics Presentation Accepted for ACS National Meeting

Collin County DWI Attorney Deandra M. Grant has created an oral presentation that has been accepted for use in the 247 th ACS National Meeting & Exposition , which is being held in the spring of 2014 by the American Chemistry Society (ACS). The event, which is expected to draw about 10,000 attendees, will be held in Dallas, Texas from March 16-20 next year. The presentation that will be used to inform others at this event is called “Blood alcohol content by enzymatic assay: A case study.” The presentation was accepted for the National Meeting’s technical program.

Blood Alcohol Content Forensics Presentation Accepted for ACS National MeetingThis event is designed to provide individuals such as scientific professionals, students and academics with an opportunity to learn about new research and information that relates to all scientific fields. The scientific programming is coordinated by ACS’ technical divisions in accordance with the theme for each of the national meetings. The theme for the 247 th ACS National Meeting is Chemistry and Materials for Energy.

Attorney Grant, who is founder of The Law Offices of Deandra M. Grant, PC, has specialized knowledge of DWI forensics. The lawyer has received a certificate from ACS in forensic chromatography following her completion of a week-long course at Axiom Labs. She has completed certification courses for operating the Intoxilyzer 5000, for administering SFST (standardized field sobriety tests), for becoming an SFST instruction and more. She has also received admission into the College of Pharmacy of the University of Florida’s Master’s of Forensic Science program. While Ms. Grant started out as a prosecutor who mainly dealt with DWI cases, she is now a defense attorney who helps individuals contest the DWI allegations and other criminal allegations that have been made against them. Because of her decades of experience in criminal law and her extensive training, Attorney Grant has become a nationally recognized speaker on forensic breath and blood testing and many other topics.

If you are dealing with DWI charges or other criminal charges, do not hesitate to contact Deandra Grant Law. We offer our clients a wealth of knowledge and aggressive advocacy!

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