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Dallas Field Sobriety Test Lawyers

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Successfully defending DWI charges requires extensive knowledge of all the factors associated with DWI arrests, field sobriety testing, breath and blood tests, and more. Dallas DWI attorney, Deandra M. Grant, is a national speaker and teacher in all of these areas. She is fully committed to using her knowledge to assist her clients in avoiding DWI convictions and the serious penalties associated with these.

Police officers use field sobriety tests to make arrest decisions. They believe these help them determine whether a driver may or may not be "intoxicated" – that is, not having the normal use of his or her mental faculties due to alcohol consumption or drug use. While most people associate DWI charges with a blood alcohol concentration that is above the legal limit (.08 percent or greater), a driver may actually face criminal charges for operating a motor vehicle while his or her abilities are impaired – even if his or her blood alcohol level is within the legal range.

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Challenge Your Field Sobriety Test in Dallas

The activities you performed on the side of the road did not objectively determine whether you were impaired by alcohol. Police and prosecutors use them to collect evidence against you. The tests cannot be passed because they are judged by negative scoring; thus, you get no credit for doing them correctly. You can easily "fail" field sobriety tests for subjectively technical reasons when you demonstrate no impairment of balance or mental faculties. Proper cross-examination of the arresting officer can demonstrate that these exercises do not predict impairment for the purposes of driving a motor vehicle.

Dallas DWI defense lawyer, Deandra Grant, has completed 24 hours of training in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests by a NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) certified instructor. Deandra has also completed the NHTSA Field Sobriety Testing Instructor Course and has taught her own SFST instructor courses to other attorneys. What this means is that she is able to carefully review an officer's report on field sobriety tests and cross-examine the officer in court in order to determine whether the test was actually conducted properly. As such, Attorney Grant may be able to effectively prove that the field sobriety test results do not indicate that the defendant was actually intoxicated.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for DWI, do not wait to contact our firm. At Deandra Grant Law, our Dallas lawyers are fully committed to protecting your rights and challenging field sobriety test results in order to help you reach a positive case outcome.

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