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What Is Considered a Felony DWI in Texas?


If you're charged with driving while intoxicated in Texas, more often than not, the charge will be a misdemeanor that carries less severe penalties. However, there are certain situations and circumstances that can cause your DWI charge to be a felony, meaning you are faced with harsher penalties if you end up being convicted.

Here is what you need to know when you are faced with a felony DWI charge in Texas.

When is a DWI Considered a Felony?

There are four main instances in which a DWI will be charged as a felony in Texas.

You Have Two Previous DWI Convictions

If you are charged with a third DUI after having two previous convictions on your record, the charge will be considered a third-degree felony rather than a misdemeanor. Multiple DWI is punishable by up to:

  • 10 years in state prison

  • $10,000 in fines

  • A two-year revocation of your license

You Have a Minor in the Car

If you’re pulled over under suspicion of drunk driving and you have a passenger under the age of 15 in the vehicle, you may be charged with DWI with a child passenger, a state felony. This is punishable by up to:

  • At least 180 days in a state jail

  • $10,000 in fines

Your DWI Results in Intoxication Assault

If your DWI results in serious bodily harm inflicted on another person you can be charged with a felony intoxication assault charge. If you’re convicted, not only can the injured party civilly sue you for damages, but this is criminally punishable by:

  • At least two years and up to 10 years in prison.

  • Up to $10,000 in fines

  • Mandatory DWI education courses

  • The installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle

Your DWI Results in a Death

A DWI that results in the death of another person can be charged as second-degree felony manslaughter. On top of fines and community service, you may face up to 20 years in state prison if convicted.

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